Another Tabloid "Abuse" Story

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Interceptor, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. This time the News of The Worst have got it in for us. Apparently they have got a 3 minute video of a section getting nasty on some rioting Iraqi youths. Read all about it:

    BBC News Item
  2. Sometimes I worry.
  3. Just seen on ITN news, seems sinister...... We may be in for a bumpy ride in coming weeks and those, if guilty have endangered the lives of those who have taken thier place and all those deployed
  4. It doesn't look good.

    I imagine we will have to go through the rigmoral of hanging the individuals! But if they are guilty, then they deserve to have the book thrown at them.

    Another dark day!
  5. Now how did they get the footage 'It obtained the footage from a whistleblower, who they declined to identify.'

    Why did this whistle blower go to a tabloid? If he or she did it to expose the truth or some such cobblers, why not go to the police, Military or civi? I hope no one is going to suggest that this has been done for monetery gain? and why can't the papers work with the police to sort this mess out then go public with a story (whistle blowing papers to get MOD assistance in writing an exclusive) after guilt has been proved or disproved?
    I'd believe that they were bringing us news, rather than speculation and sensationalism.
  6. FFS not another one. Who else feels there is just too much infomation comeing out of this war ?? You know what I mean.

    Regards LT
  7. I hope I don't have to restate the obvious but I will , for those short of memory or new joiners.

    1. Keep replies sane and mature , leave the F-words and Journo slagging out of it.

    2. Do not reveal or discuss anything you may or may not know , or repeat a conversation you heard "At the Sally wagon this morning"

    3. Do not use or make statements that may be of use to a hostile press at home or abroad. Think twice before you post , no matter how 'funny' you may think it is. Remember , most of us have friends and colleagues there.

    4. If it is announced that there will be any form of trial or deep investigation (arrests etc) , I will close this thread and delete any others that start , pending the outcome as per normal policy here.

    5. There is an information war going on right now , and like it or not , we are part of it. Do not give anything away that may be of use or comfort to the other team , wherever they may be.


    It certainly looks very bad on the face of it but I cant help feeling that the Scum/NOTW have a stash of these sorts of videos somewhere and release them whenever they feel like it.

    Edited for copyright issues - PTP
  9. I must go back and dig out that Soldier article , you know the one " We are your our friends" :roll: Could they have got any more emotive language into that?
  10. All these people did was throw grenades at the British troops. Surely that doesn't make them enemies?

    Edited for irony.
  11. This 'World Exclusive' video apparently happened in 2004 during the riots in southern Iraq. Given what has just happened with the Danish cartoons, isn’t the News of the World now jeopardising the lives of those serving there now? What happened to common sense in these situations? Yes it is deplorable and the thugs should be disciplined, but as with the Denmark situation, the whole Army will now be branded Iraqi Prisoner beaters!
    But hey it sells papers right?
  12. Correct, the MoD should have applied for a Court injunction to stop this article being published (maybe they did) as our boys in Iraq are now subject to the same reaction by the muslims as the Danish have endured. How the hell can the MoD let this happen at this time????? The NOTW will 'back our troops' when this causes riots in Basra, Maysan and Al Muthanna. This is the most irresponsible journalistic decision I have ever seen, and the NOTW and the MoD must be held responsible for any adverse reaction by the locals in Iraq.

    Well done the NOTW and the MoD - I bet the lads serving in Iraq will love your common sense approach to this.

  13. Why the time delay? :? Such a delay leads me to wonder about motive. Maybe they clashed with those Mirror photos and therefore thought they might be dismissed as another fake...Can anyone remember when the Mirror 'fakes' were around?
  14. Shaking my head in disbelief at the NOTW for pulling this out of the bag now!

    Sitting on video and "blowing the whistle" 2 years down the line smacks heavily of "for financial gain" (If it was a whistle blower)

    I suggest the NOTW send out their prominent "journalists" and maybe an editor or two to cover the resulting nause this causes at the pointy end.

    Just listened to a description of the video from a BBC journo on BBC world, he didn't dramatise it but the soldiers involved appear to have dragged Iraqis into the compound in head locks then given them a pasting rather than on the street heat of the moment action, FFS some one was videoing it, probably some remf charlie cowering behind the texan walls, on a five minute fag break from his paper shuffling or water burning :evil:

    IMHO if you are involved in violent rioting against soldiers don't come crying when you get filled in.

    When is everybody going to learn ......Christ don't video it

    More pressure not required by units on the ground and the armed forces in general

    Something should really be done about the NOTW

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