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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ellisdee, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys and girls as you can see this is my first post so be gentle. I am currently in a unusual situation and just want some general advise which would be the best option for me really. I do want to go to my nearest AFCO which is in Gloucester but finding the time at the moment is a problem so I would like to ask a few questions if I may.

    Firstly I'm 20 years old and interested in the Armed forces due to some of my extended family serving in the Swiss Armed forces, (My grandads country of origin) and they are really enjoying it so I thought I would do my bit for king and country and started looking into the British Army.

    The questions may appear in any random order so I apologise in advance if it seems confusing at all.

    My first question is if I have A's and B's at GCSE's would it be better to wait for 2 years and do my A levels in Maths, Physics and IT and then apply which would hopefully give me the grades to apply as a officer or would I have the same promotional aspects if I joined now?

    If I decide to wait and complete my A-levels is it quite easy to work round this with the TA because of my commitments during the week?

    My ideal job would be as a Infantry Soldier if I joined a regiment now could I change at a later date like a few years down the line for example to the PARA's when im alot fitter ?

    Can you join the PARA'S, if you require glasses or contacts, the reason I ask this and again it is linked to the above question I will do My AFF course level 2 in the summer and I have quite a few skyjumps and RAPS under my belt which leads to me taking a very keen interest on the PARA'S but my running time just isn't good enough yet (9:45 roughly) and although my upper body strength is good I am around 5kg's short of my ideal BMI?

    My fitness as far as I know is quite good, I've never smoked and I don't drink much. I don't suffer from any allergies or from asthma the only main problem is the fact I need glasses and that I only weigh around 70kg's, which is the reason I would like to take a keen interest in the TA to beef me up a bit

    The final question, is it a legal requirement for your current employer to give you time off work to do TA stuff, because I asked if I could have a weekend off a month at work for the TA and they refused. It isn't a great job, but they would be able to work around my hours during the week if I went back to college. Also I read that sometimes you can do more hours with the TA is this true?

    I may have forgot a few things these were the main ones which came to my head. I apologise for any spelling mistakes or wrong acronyms and thanks in advance for any advice offered it is much appreciated.
  2. If you join a decent unit then it will beef you up fitness wise - some units are bad, but others are good. I'm glad Geordie blerk didn't make a blanket accusation or anything.

    It's worth joining the TA to see what you enjoy and as you said, if it's a good unit it will get you beefed up a bit. And also teach you how to drink properly.
  3. Firstly I thoght the King Died and we now have a Queen - hence you would be joining for Queen and country.

    TA will not beef you up, may fatten you up. How can they beef you up on one drill night and a few weekends ?

    You need to be self motivated fitness wise and do a lot in your own time.

    Your employer is under no real obligation to give you time off, especially as you were not in TA before you started work for him.

    If you are serious about joining I would look at the fitness program - no doubt someone will give you the link, then I believe there is a look at life program where you can do a few days to see if you like it. You can take those few days as hols. If you like it keep training and apply to join. Then you can quit your job. If not can always carry on as a backdoor man for Tescos.

    Could always also have laser eye surgery or get contacts - better than glasses falling off at 30,000 feet.
  4. By not being lazy feckers. Organising PT socially as well as on parade nights/weekends and doing PT every drill night, making sure everyone is up to a good standard.

    You get out of it what you put in - if you don't put the time in training with your unit (CFTs, PFTs, general PT) then you won't beef up. if you put the effort in it's very good, as you get to do it as part of a group with people who have a similar goal.
  5. That's what our unit does. If you fancy being a fat waster though, then you don't need to put any work in.
  6. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but....

    Your employer is legally obliged to give you time off to attend Camp - but probably not weekends as laws tend to be drafted assuming that people don't work weekends.

    The employer is NOT obliged to give you time off for Camp on the dates that your unit sends you to Camp, they can be at any time that is convenient to your employer.

    The employer is NOT obliged to pay you during your time off for Camp, unless it's part of your Annual Leave entitlement.

    And the icing on the cake is that your employer can require you to take Annual Leave during the period of your Camp.

    In short, regardless of what the law says, it's totally up to your employer.

    Having said that, there are some very good employers around. Some will give ADDITIONAL time off and some will give full or half pay during this period. Some will make up the difference between Army pay and normal salary. Others won't pay anything.

    It's a lottery.
  7. Thanks for the information all, there are still a few unanswered questions but hopefully some others will post the relevant answers soon. What units apart from the obvious ones generally push you the hardest, I know it requires alot of self motivation and alot of extra work in your own time but I have always done alot of physical exercise on a daily basis. Its just that I have got a naturally high metabolism so putting on weight is a pain especially now that I am jogging 3-4 times a week and I have just started doing fartlek aswell to inscrease my speed.
  8. If you've got a switched on PTI at a unit, they'll get you ways of beefing up. Tabbing can help put on bulk, but be sure you do it at your PTI's recommended level and not injur yourself.
  9. TA are not fat - they are just big boned 8O