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Another subject Mods wont let us discuss/vote on.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Having put a politely worded motion for a poll ref. Des Browne, it got pulled - WHY?

    Where is the offence from:

    "We, the members of the Army Rumour Service, have no confidence in the Rt Hon Des Browne MP as Secretary of State for Defence and consider his continuance as such to be detrimental to the moral of the Armed Forces. As such, The Rt Hon Des Browne MP, should vacate or be removed from his current office in the interest of the Armed Forces."

    and from the questions:

    "I agree with the motion and The Rt Hon Des Browne MP should resign or be dismissed by the Prime Minister"


    "I do not agree with the motion and The Rt Hon Des Browne MP should not resign and not be dismissed by the Prime Minister"

    So come on Mr Mod, explain yourself to the membership, how does this break site rules? How does this offend or insult anyone? What are you scared of?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    "Contrary to popular belief, the Army Rumour Service is not promoting the armed overthrow of HMG by the British Military, but simply aims to provide a useful, informative and amusing resource to all."

    Probably that bit. Express your own personal views, but a revolution/coup is outside of this sites purposes.
  3. Neue Arbeit has its thumb somewhere here. Murmurs of dissent will be met with the retribution they deserve.

    "England Prevails."
  4. Seems like an explanation is in order - no OPSEC/PERSEC issues, no laws broken, no site rules violated etc. Freedom of Speech???

    What's the problem - explanation pse Mod?
  5. I can only guess that there are too many threads with similar themes like the odd thousand (slight exaggeration) about FT that was close to taking ARRSE over completely. Des Browne is now flavour of the month and the threads are taking on many but still very similar guises.

    Mind you, I'm not God or PTP which is pretty much the same thing.
  6. Fair point MS - then why not say so.
  7. So having no confidence in the bloke and wishing shot of him is equal to promoting the armed overthrow of HMG by the British military?

    Silly me, I should have just written Des Browne, read this you cnut as a title so people could be insulting and disgustingly rude!

    Well I'm better at insulting and being disgustingly rude, thanks for educating me mukka!
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Was just a thought mate! Hell, i'm no Mod, i'd have let it stay personally (and voted to get the bufoon out!)
  9. True, but most of them lend themselves to rant and insult (nothing wrong with that, I'm a past master of spleen venting as you know) but this was a simple politely written poll, 37 views, 5 votes (all for getting shot of him!) and no comment or discussion!

    I think some cnut just doesn't want this poll in the news on Monday!
  10. I do agree and this has been a bone of contention for a while. While there has to be some editing of posts, threads etc, I for one would like to know why said post, thread etc has been pulled.

    On a smaller, less significant site and as a Mod, I consider it only fair to let somebody know if something has to bite the dust.
  11. It was removed for the simple reason that you sought in your poll, whether by accident or design to imply that Arrse was behind the poll.

    We, the members of the Army Rumour Service, have no confidence in the Rt Hon Des Browne

    By all means submit a poll "Do you think Des Browne should be sacked"?

    Just don't title it in such a way it appears this forum's staff/owners have made it policy to call for the Minister to be sacked.

    On a sub-note, what does getting Swiss Des sacked actually achieve?
  12. Well, they're a law unto themselves and never talk to us about why they do anything - like delete threads by spurned lovers etc.... not that I've even been with a Mod, but I've sh@gged a few rock chicks in my time :roll:
  13. Cool! Point noted! Thanks :D
  14. fcuk - i was about to suggest that PTP.

    come on FLAPPB - where's the poll?
  15. How about:

    "We, the members of the Army Rumour Service,except the owners & Princess Pongo, have no confidence in the Rt Hon Des Browne"
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