Another stupid rifle question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. What is the little space for in the pistol grip of the SA80?

    My 2 guess are its either for:
    a. To put oil bottle and multi-tool in
    b. To get access to the screw to take the pistol grip off

    Is there an official line?
  2. Hold testicles that have been removed from enemy PoWs (have to squeeze them in though, bit of a design fault)
  3. 8 cigarettes and white ratpack book of matches.
    Put them in there early on in training, remember them during ciggy famine on third term exercsie.

    Light up and....... relax (until next serial at least)
  4. It's rather like your appendix; a little bit of extra that has no use any more.

    The original hand-built protoypes featured a detachable emergency battle sight; the fore sight folded down and the rear sight element was stowed inside the pistol grip.

    Having said that there would probably have been a lurking void there anyway, just for lightness and because of moulding techniques; maybe the design team just dallied with the idea of making use of it and then binned the idea...

    Somebody might have caught the passing echo of the L1A1's Arctic trigger; who knows? :wink:
  5. i actually use it to keep extension rods and my pull thru with flannelette ateady on so there easily at hand
  6. "No-wah".

    Ignore these dimwits.

    When in the arctic, the gloves you wear are too big to fit your finger in the trigger guard. Therefore, you take it off. Unfortunatly, soldiers have a habit of losing these sorts of things.

    Therefore, the trigger guard goes in there.
  7. Nope, ST2B.

    When the SA80 was designed, all soldiers were meant to be equipped with the SUSAT, with iron sight only to be used in emergencies.

    Every soldier would keep their own (zeroed) foresight in the pistol grip, whilst a couple of the rearsight/carrying handles would be held at section level in case someone smashed a SUSAT.

    This info came from an SASC Major who was involved with the original trials for the A1, and I believe him.
  8. What a load of poo. What's the point of having a "zeroed" foresight when you then take it off the weapon.

    SASC blokes are the biggest bullsh1tters in the army.
  9. It's a damn sight better than a smashed SUSAT.
  10. Fore sight one is correct as far as i'm aware. I'm not a gun-geek but i recall this being the case when I asked in training. However i like most whack a pull trough in there.
  11. erm, aren't you supposed to use the "iron sight" bit on top of the SUSAT incase it breaks ?

  12. Hehehe bunch of nobbers, wellyhead has it on the nose.

    The void in the pistol grip is just that, the rumour of using it for storing stuff came about because the old .303 Lee Enfield had a compartment in the butt for an oil bottle, in later years they were welded up to stop terrorists booby trapping them
  13. The EBS.
  14. Way up the pro's and cons

    Broken SUSAT

    EBS Pro's:
    Its already in place. No faffing about

    EBS Cons:
    Its likely to be leaking radio active cack.
    Its likely to have shattered glass hanging out of it.
    Its shit and totally inaccurate more than 3 inches infront of the barrel.
    We never get chance to train with it anymore.

    With the intro of LLM, EBS is creaping towards the zones of obsolete anyway
  15. :lol: Sorry, being an ancient old cnut and donning anorak, I should have said that this harks back to the ORIGINAL 4.85mm Individual Weapon prototypes- and, no I'm not talking about the 1950s EM2 programme! :roll:

    I have the illustration before me as I type: pages 166-167 of Ian V. Hogg's Military Small Arms of the 20th Century (1900-1977).

    I had an opportunity to handle this particular prototype and I was impressed by its quality, general handling and, above all, its LIGHTNESS.

    Just a great shame that cost choices over-ruled its translation into a production item. Its descendent was a pale shadow of that quality. :roll:

    Anorak off! :lol: