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hi guys, i am stressing big time. i have recently applied for the army and have got as far as the medical part. now i am worried as my doctor has ticked a different box to myself on one of the quesions. should i be worried??? basicaly he is saying i had mental health problems, but the psychologist i went to see said there was nothing wrong with me! there are notes to this effect but am worried about the different answers to the same question. i don't want to be seen as having lied. can anyone help??

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well about 4 years ago i lost a job that paid 430 a week, a 3 bedroom house and my girlfriend of 4 years and my brother(they didn't die). so was feeling kinda low, my friends and family around me were fed up of my moping and rightly so i might add. and told me to sort my head out. thinking i was depressed i told the doc and he sent me 2 a specialist. but the specialist said it was quite natural and i should just continue to live normaly and basicaly cheer up lol. i have now and life is better but this thing on my record is scaring me. i sent off for my notes to make sure that i was all clear before i filled the form in. and it said no treatment rquired and i just had low self esteem. so i ticked no mental health problems. but my doc ticked that i had. i mean if your dog died you would be gutted, it's the same thing realy. just natural upset over losing important things. what do you think?

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