Another story you could not make up

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Did anyone hear Jeremy Vine yesterday?
    They were banging on about how hard it is to claim

    There was a woman who phoned in and said the tax credits form was so complecated she got her accountant to check it before she sent it in

    Now that you couldn't make up
    Here about 25 minutes in
  3. I'm afraid that tax credits seems to be have been designed by McDoom (sorry, Gordon Brown) in a fit of relentless optimism. It has all of the hallmarks of a McKinsey creation also in that:

    1. It's too complex by half
    2. It's collects too much data
    3. It turns users off to the product offering

    In my more cynical moments (e.g., 99% of the time) I find myself wondering if the system was deliberately created to be complex in a bid to prevent people from using it and getting so fed up that their perserverance fails and they give up. That'd be one way of reducing the benefits bill!
  4. The benefits system is very complex and often when I was a professional working with the homless it was a bitch to get around and results often seemed quite random or counter intuiative.
    annoyed me that very fecked up people could claim DLA that was basically extra cans for there drinking "mates" :x
    (totally mad and injured so a genuine claim but the money needed controlling) :cry:
    charity I moved to in london did that but was catholic church based and old school completely against "best practice" used the money to take the lads who got it on outings and for fish and chips stuff like that rather than renting cheap cider.
    to be fair most of the lads would have gone for the booze but are you going to argue with a nun?