Another Stitch Up

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. Once again plod stitches up an innocent hero. Stuart Hazell was reported to be a front runner in the step granddad of the year competition with a member of plod as his closest rival. The rest is history.
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  2. They really are cunts, first it was Peter Sutcliffe as he was due to be awarded an MBE for services to road transport. Now it's this poor unfortunate bastard.
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  3. I reckon he was like that millionaire junkie bloke who kept his missus after she died because he couldn't bear to let go! He just wanted to keep her close! What's all the fuss about burying people anyway! It can't be good for the water table! We should all keep our loved ones in hold alls in next doors loft, much more environmental.
  4. Same with Gary Glitter. He should have been UN Representative for Children in the Far East but got stitched up.
  5. The final nail in his coffin guaranteeing a fit up was beating the local desk Sgt. in the pub darts league.
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  6. After that it was never going to end well, even if he did let Tia go to the policeman's ball.
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