Another Stabbing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 4-8-Alfa, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. I’ve posted this here rather than the NAAFI to deter the “jump on the band wagon – hang ‘em high brigade”

    More me thinking aloud than any thing else, but where is it going wrong?

    Yet again we hear of a youngster getting stabbed.

    Regardless of their ethnicity, religious persuasion, gender this can’t be right.

    Youths of today can’t really complain of nothing to do as there is a myriad of pastimes readily available, far more than when I was a teenager. Way back when in the 60’s there was only 2 channels on the TV, a 1 screen cinema a bus ride away and in general no cars until you were about 20. There was a youth club and a weekly disco. There were no mobiles and computer games, clubs open every night and readily accessible and inexpensive flights aboard ad nauseam and yet, if my memory serves me well, there were very few stabbings. Yes we fought, remember mods and rockers? but there was some sort of code that drew the line at actually killing the opposition.

    Is it the cotton wool climate we now bring kids up in where there is little or no risk allowed and they have to get their “kicks” by other means?

    Is it the plethora of single parent families where the offspring have no roll model, or is it just the case that parents can’t be bothered to invest time in their family?

    Perhaps we need to toughen up on the punishment for knife crime. Bring back Borstals and Detention centres, seemed to work on some of the kids I knew. Conscription???

    Or what? I don’t know. I do sometimes despair though, and wonder what sort of legacy my grandchildren are going to be left with.

    Ah well, enough of my musings back to the day job.
  2. HANG 'EM ALL!

    on another note ive known kids who have been brought up the the best that is possible, they get to secondary school with no one they know and make new friends with the class cnut and within 6 months they are getting regular visits for pushing a little kid off the bridge into a shitty river because he didnt give them his bike when they threatened to "do im!"

  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Anybody here brought up in Glasgy in the 50's or 60's?

    The answer is simple, and cheaper than metal detectors in schools.

    You carry a blade. You get 5 years.

    Exceptions? Hunters. If a man has a legal shotgun his gutting knife dont signify.

    Fishers? Gardeners? "What species did you hope to catch / prune at 10.30pm in the Dog and Duck?"
  4. Gawd help Ye if Ye've got a parcel to open, eh?
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Do you often find the need to open parcels in public parks, at the football or in bars?
  6. At all times I have with me a Leatherman MiniTool and a small Gerber with a 3" combination blade. I use each of them multiple times each day without even thinking about it. Neither of them have ever jumped from my pocket/pouch and harmed another individual.

    I cannot fathom a society where a man, or boy, is forbidden to carry a pocket knife.

    There was an old saying of "if they ban guns, can we use swords?". For England the answer is apparently "NO". So then they will use Cricket Bats. Which will of course have to be banned for the good of society, taken from inventoried armories only on match day. So then they will revert to sticks, and trees will be banned, and then stones, and soon the whole of England will be of particle board.

    And then they will use that.

    And it shall be banned!

  7. A knife is a tool not a weapon, the cnut who thinks everyone carrying a knife is a murderer should be stabbed.
    reminds me when i got kicked out of the college woodwork course for having a leatherman kick on me
  8. Harsher sentences in prisons devoid of playstations , Sky TV and any other amenities might do the trick, how about the chain gangs they still have in the Southern states of the USA, make it so bad they never want to go back again
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Oh please. You ever seen the results of a knife amnesty? Heres one from the Cheshire rozzers...


    Just point out the Leatherman or pruning knife in that lot? But hey, you want to defend the right of a 14 year old to carry an 8" Bowie knife with a brass knuckle handle in the streets, you go for it.
  10. Yep - you hit the nail on the head. I was once told that the first ned to get a hefty sentence under the new policy fainted in the dock. He pled guilty and was expecting the standard, five bob fine.

    The same thing happened in the 1930s when the youth of the day took to carrying razors (presumably the cut throat variety - rather than one of Mr Braun's early electric efforts).

    Contrary to what the Tories say, our 'broken society' isn't a new phenomenon brought about by New Labour. It's an old phenomenon brought about by New Labour. If you remove the sanctions for bad behaviour, people will behave badly. It's just human nature.
  11. Dont ban knives per se. Lock up people who use them on others. Banning things doesnt help, thats been proven with hand-guns. Catch real criminals and put them away rather than make everyone a petty criminal.
  12. IMHO i think that the major flaw, not just with kids, but in society in general(including the forces) is a lack of fear of punshiment.

    School teachers have to put up with verbal and ocaisonally physical abuse, whilst the little fcukers doing it get away with a couple of weeks off school.

    Prison's are seen as easy time and sentances are a joke. Watching something on TV the other day I saw some guy in the US had been sentanced to a dozen life sentances and 300 yrs. Now i'm not saying this is reasonable, however surely Life should mean Life.

    The police have their hands tied by PC paperwork bollox, targets, arrest figures, and trying to be everywhere at once. Personally I think the police do a good job, under shite circumstances with every man and his dog convinced he could do a better job.

    Every little scrote out there knows 'their rights', and the law does seem to fall on the side of the lttle shites. It doesn't help that the government constantly cave into pressure from 'Hug-a-hoodie' working groups. Maybe, instead of saying 'Little johnny mugged that old woman because society didn't support his junkie mother, didn't fork out to pay for his own methadone treatment, didn't tell him that despite not having a job or any way of contributing to society he is still a valued member of the community' the groups should be saying 'Little Johnny is an evil little cnut, and will be locked up in a nick that makes Colchester look like Butlins!!)

    Again, IMHO, i think any crime that invovles a stabbing should be Attemted Murder. A knife is a deadly weapon when used incorrectly and should be treated as such. (I also believe that stamping on or kicking someones head when they are on the ground should be attempted murder as well!!)

    I look at the state of the nation and dispair with what I'm bringing my children up with. :( However, I love my country, and I will not walk away from a fight, whether that fight be with an organisation, a group of chavs or whatever. I know many others who share my views, maybe the days of gangs are soon to be numbered as everyday citizens decide that they have had enough.

    VIVA LA REVOLUCIAN!!!!!! :twisted:
  13. So Leatherman tools and the like are OK there, right?
  14. Can’t argue with that.
    However it’s turned into a weapon by being used for a purpose for which it was not intended, and they were not intended to cause harm. (I’m generalising – please don’t site bayonets and the like).


    Any one carrying a knife HAS A POTENTIAL to commit murder and therefore if caught carrying a knife/blade without a legitimate reason deserves punishment. Not the lightweight stuff of today but at least 2 years.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yes they are. And dont tell me you can do as much damage with your Leatherman as a 14 year old with an 8" blade. Because I assume you dont carry that thing to intimidate, show off or defend yourself?

    Banning knives is silly. At home I've got a 14" Sabatier kitchen knife, a chainsaw, a sickle, Stanley knife etc etc. Fine. But if I was found carrying one in the park, I'd expect to get lifted.

    The kids we're talking about arent carrying Leatherman or a pruning knife. They are carrying knives designed for offensive use. In many schools it seems its a fashion. You dont carry a blade, you aint cool.

    It wouldnt take many 5 year stretches to be handed out before they all found a new 'fashion'.