Another Stab in the Back

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JT0475, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Just came across this on the BBC News Website.
    Poor guy posted to the Fatherland, so Home Office states that as he wasn't on UK territory, the criteria for becoming a UK citizen weren't met - enough to make you weep:

    Bunch of barstewards, the lot of 'em
  2. And yet again the rules of the utter cnuts of this country get in the way of someone we would probably want. The same rules that fastrack in or keep those who we donät want.

    He´s best of rejoining and then trying to claim citizenship.

    This sort of sh1t really boils my p1ss.
  3. So a camp in BFG is not British soil?

    So I have spent 9 years of my career not in UK?

    Can I claim my tax and NI contributions back them please?

    Thought not. Tossers :x
  4. Same happened to an Officer from Zim a couple of years back. However his MP brought it up in Parliament, so the precedent is set. he was on TELIC 1, KOSOVO and another jaunt, but spent his time in Gutersloh.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    From the article

    An official said "We do exercise discretion for members of the armed forces who have spent time outside the UK.

    The discretion is as you say to collect taxes and NI as it suits them :x

    His mistake was not arriving back from Germany via Sangate and climbing into the back of a truck - he'd be on full benefits and living in a council house by now

    How did he get in the police as a PSCO wouldn't the home office have checked him out of that?
  6. Good thinking Batman. Surely there has to be one rule governing this. Either a Germany posting counts as UK soil or it doesn't. These cnuts in power can't have it both ways.

    Test case anyone? If enough soldiers in BFG appealled about tax etc there would have to be a judicial ruling either way - wouldn't there?

  7. once again the Government refuses to accept people who make a difference to this country and yet accept the scum of the earth on human rights grounds. How many more times will it happen, we have seen wives of servicemen being deported, others threatened with deportation because they were born to a service family serving abroad.

    why cannot the country reward those who give the best years of their lives to it rather than treating them like scum.
  8. If only that was true. :(

    My rather simplistic view on this for all our commonwealth soldiers. The day they put uniform on, put themselves in danger and serve on operations for this country they should automatically be entitled to a British passport
  9. I guess I meant in an ideal world. Then again, in an ideal world the only time I'd see these cnuts would involve an open stretch of wall, some blindfolds, no last cigarette (no smoking in a public place) and me behind a Gimpy. I cannot express how much I hate them.

    Oh, and I agree on the Passport thing.

  10. Im with CAARPS on this one.

    I knew the bloke. Well i say 'knew' i mean i spoke with him on the dog, whilst he was in Iraq, and i was in Germany. But i do recall reading a thread earlier about smoking in blocks, and the fact that all MOD establishments worldwide, fall under the UK non-smoking ban! So we are OK for one rule, but not for the other?

    Three of my sisters were born in Germany, in BMH's, but are they classed as German? Do i need to tell them to get out of the country quick? What a load of bollards this story is. LCpl J-B should have been granted a passport the moment he deployed to that warm place in the east. FACT!
  11. In British uniform, paying British taxes, fighting British wars;

    sounds like being in the UK to me.
  12. I'm confused. I was under the impression that a member of the Commonwealth who joins the Armed Forces automatically has British citizenship?

    After all, I'm sure he swore the same Oath of Allegiance as I did and served doing as the British government told him to do yet he has less rights than a flip flop running away from his own dump of a country because he cant be arsed to sort it out for himself or sees this country as a golden goose.

    I gather this chap was being paid by HM government and paying British tax and NI? If so, surely he would have had an NI number?

    Utterly confused.

    Starship Troopers had the right idea (apart from fighting large insects on far away planets).
  13. They are allowed to apply after 5 years (apparently on the mainland now :twisted: ). They then sit a citizen test and gain their passport 8O

    A South African friend of mine has recently undergone the process, despit seving in Iraq 3 times during the 5 years :twisted: :twisted:

    Tried to get him to wear an England top the day he got his passport, the F*cker decided he was Brit Scottish/Welsh/Irish :D
  14. The Home Office said to qualify he had to have been present in the UK on the same date five years earlier.

    On 17 January 2003, he'd been in the army for more than six months, but on the same day he was posted to Germany.

    He was in British uniform but not on British soil.

    Why havent the home office sorted this problem out this is a disgrace you fight for queen and country and this is the way a soldier is treated .
  15. This is why there is such concern with the SA troops and their government passing the mercenary act. There is a real danger that if the SA government enforce it, they could be arrested entering the country on leave.

    Complete bollocks, they can die for our crown, however, have to jump through hoops to be a member of the crown