Another St Georges Day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brucewillis, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. I have just awoke at 03.30 and an entire bit of my life is missing. While I remember being in the the pub yesterday afternoon, I don't remember the events after that. My horrible burping breath tells me that a kebab has been involved.

    Where were you on the 23rd of April 2009 afternoonish time, were you with me, did you see me, were you me?

  2. Go out first thing, buy a local paper.

    Just to make sure nothing untoward has gone on.
  3. Can I have my sheep back!!!!
  4. i still dont know how you took the whole length and why you let her stick it there but power to you but i would see the doctor just to be safe :0
  5. My Bold.
    Her? You didn't see what I saw then!
  6. god i must have been drunk or a very convinsing drag queen lol
  7. I was very impressed.Who would have thought it was possible? I mean,two cucumbers and a pygmy goat? An outstanding performance!
  8. dont forget the 2 dwarfs in clown outfits
  9. Just had an update off my mate. It may have been better if all the above were true. Apparently I was asked to leave a certain hostelry or the police would be called, as the staff and customers did not appreciate my dry sarcastic wit.

    Oh dear, best keep my head down for a while :oops:
  10. Hmm, my 'dry sarcastic wit' turns out statements such as:
    "What the fook you lookin at, you fookin barnowl barstard yeh? Eh, I seen you in the bookies no, bus lane then when I last seen your cousin, eh? Wildebeast! Mlaar, someone call me a lightbulb..."

    Must have been that single Bushmills I had after severalty-eleven pints of Satans Scrofula real ale or whatever the feck it was called.
  11. atleast he had the decency to give you a reach around
  12. Nearly a year has passed since I got upside down and was involved (allegedly) with err.... authority.

    This year is to be totaly different, however will be dry. Need some ideas of things to do for St Georges day with out drink!

    No maypoles or dressing up as morris dancers.

    I've nothing, without drink I am an empty social shell with the total inability to enjoy myself unless am completly shitfaced.
  13. The pygmy goats will be very pleased.
  14. Naturaly, it was his Dad after all.
  15. Thought that was meant by keep it in the family. And by the looks of your profile pic and incestual knowledge, the branches of your family tree are a bit twisted!