Another Soldier KIA

Its a fcuking shame. We should be out of there. PTP will go fcuking mad when he reads about this.

I am angry. I was there a year ago and we are still there. Its not right. It's inherently wrong.
Rest In Peace

Lest we Forget
Very sad news. Latest from From Sky:

A British soldier has been killed and another injured after clashes with militia forces in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

He has been named as Lance Corporal Paul David Trevor Thomas, from the 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry.

Major Ian Clooney, the British Army spokesman, said the second soldier suffered non-life threatening injuries and is receiving treatment.

Major Clooney added: "There have been a number of incidents in Basra where British forces have been attacked by insurgents.

"The exact details of the attacks are not yet known but one British soldier has regrettably been killed and another injured."

The militia reportedly used rifles, machine guns and rocket propelled grenades during the attack.

The incident takes the number of deaths of British service personnel sent to Iraq to 65.

Pockets of violence were reported in several areas of Basra on Tuesday.

Al Sadr militants attacked a two civilian cars reportedly carrying foreigners, destroying the vehicles and injuring two people, said Basra police Colonel Kareem Sadkhan.

You were right about how I would feel .

Condolences to the Family, Colleagues and Friends of Lance Corporal Paul David Trevor Thomas 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry.

Thoughts also , with the collegue wounded in the same attack.

My prayers tonight , for the Guys and Girls who are on the streets of Basra and elsewhere , trying to make a difference, as only British Soldiers can.

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