Another snout in the trough?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PE4rocks, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Steven Ladyman, ex transport minister, takes job in a road pricing company. :roll:

    Times Article
  2. Maybe, maybe not. He could just be taking a job in a similer field to one he already has experiance in, and will be able to use the network he has built up in europe to help in the work he is doing. If he is true to his word, and wont pressure the gov for a full year then i cant see a problem with him working there.
  3. Yes indeed. Now what are the chances of that being so? This is a) Ladyman and b) this particular Government.

    Still, 'Hope springs eternal'......
  4. Oh absolutely, purer than the driven snow.

    All of them.


    You'll excuse me if I remain a tad skeptical.
  5. It's only improper if it is a conservative. It is perfectly acceptable for labour ministers to take on those because they are whiter than white and completely trustworthy - Tony told us, remember?

    Sven says it will be OK for Glib Dems as well, however when they get into power, the global warming problem will also have been solved as hell will have frozen over.
  6. no no, i fully understand, im just feeling awkward today.
  7. I notice he "stood down as a minister", he didn't resign as an MP so that means he's drawing two salaries I take it. Still I suppose if a minister can take two ministerial portfolios an MP can do two jobs. I just wonder which one will get priority.
  8. Sounds to me like another MP lining his pockets.

    Standard proceedure.Been going on for years.

    These so-called"socialists" are just as adept as looking after number 1 as any other politician.

    Cynical? Moi?.
  9. You are misrepresenting my view on this.

    In my opinion, no serving MP should have dual employment at director level, nor should they be employed in 'consultancy', where this is a thinly veiled lobbying appointment.

    This no matter what party the politician serves under.