Another sign off question

Argument amongst the kiddies in the troop, thought I would seek an answer from a wiser source :wink:

Under the new system..

When you sign off is it 4 years service from the

1. The date you finish Phase 1?
2. The date you finish Phase 2?
3 The date you sign your oath of allegiance? (I raised an eyebrow at this hopeful lass!)
4. The date you rock up for Phase 1?

There is a considerable beer tokens riding on this I am told...
i joined at 17 and didnt do any service til i turned 18, had to do 4 yrs minimumu and now all bonuses come as a birthday present!! if over 18 it is at the end of phase 1 because the PVR rules for cryaway sprogs
3 months from taking oath is usually around the end of Phase 1 so yeh.

But it's is by definition.

'3 months after your attestation' so if you dont start Phase 1 for a year after that then it's tough for the army. 1 years less service.

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