Another shot at justice for Breaker Morrant

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Shittypants, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. FFS haven't we got anything better to spend money on?
  2. Apparently not. Why the Aussies feel the blokes should be pardoned is beyond me, this should have been put to bed in 2010 and Unkles told to **** off and don't come back.
  3. I've read the book, I've seen the film and have the DVD. Military procedures during that time were followed be it as loose as they were, is my understanding anyway. To compare that age and protocols with today's standards has no merit, your putting 'your' values on another time. That was then, this is now with all these Bolshie's and their black armband of history. After the military decision an act was passed through Parliament that no Australian Soldier would be tried by a British Military Court.

    Disclaimer: Personally I reckon it was a set-up.
  4. I doubt that most Australians give a stuff about the case. A cynic might think that it's being used in a bid for cheap publicity, at considerable expense to the public.
  5. What Mark said. Or, as Yoda might say "A **** we do not give". Although I saw the movie and the fat boxhead god-botherer deserved everything he got.
  6. At the end of the day, the outcome will not matter. It would have mattered to all those concerned at the time (over 100 years ago). It won't bring back the executed, it won't bring those to bear who made the judgement, the outcome will have no effect or bearing on anything today. A century ago they made their judgement based on the facts that they had to hand, let us leave it at that.
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  7. Exactly.
  8. There's probably a ****** relative six times removed searching for "closure". Quite possibly someone who's had the family tree done and can't lay claim to any oppressed Oirish rebel ancestors.
  9. About the only thing we know about Breaker is that he was from Devon. Different sort of martyr. Still if the Irish claim Paul Mcgrath.....
  10. Whilst we're at it, why not give Charles the first another shot at being king? Oh yes and that nice Dr Crippen could handle my piles any day!
  11. Reference was to the republican ******* over here anxious to claim a link, however tenous, to the fact that their ancestors got fucked over by the fookin' British Empire.
  12. Fascist bastards! They drowned Phar Lap and poisoned Harold Holt
  13. Your mixing your meds again aren't you? We all know the Chinese took Harold. For what's its worth the Republican's can **** off and **** off now.
  14. It was worth it, stealing that loaf of bread, despite the floggings and the dreadful conditions in the convict ships, just to get away from this ******* shower:

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