Another Shoe-In For Animal Farm

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Hot on the cloven feet of Commmissar Jacqui and Comrade McNulty comes this revelation about Comrade Myners. It is reported that:

    THE government minister in charge of stamping out corporate tax avoidance has himself set up a business in the tax haven of Bermuda. Lord Myners, already under fire for approving Sir Fred Goodwin’s massive pension from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), was part-time chairman of an offshore company which avoided more than £100m a year in taxes.

    Rumour is that Comrade Martin has ordered a new super-trough to meet increasing demand. Hope it has some built-in redundancy - I've a feeling it is going to need it.
  2. Why dont these cunts just stop pretending and have a big cement mixer,with "fuck off taxpayers" written down its side,dump its load every monday morning in parliment square.

    They could then have a competition to see who can waddle off with the most of our cash.At least if it was on the telly we could place bets on who can carry the biggest stash.My money (whats left of it) would be on bingo wings Smith. :x
  3. I'm sorry I had to read the link, because your childish name calling made it quite hard to understand what you meant. Please, in the NAAFI go for it, but in sensible conversation it just detracts from your argument.

    This is predictable, and I'm sure the Lord isn't the only one who's done something like this. More calls for tightening up rules on things like this will come and go, and in a few monthes time something else like this will come up. Politicians :roll:
  4. And who exactly does the role of policing MP's expenses fall to?

    A committee of MP's appointed by the speaker.

    The same committee that is proposing to change the rules of claiming on a second home so it effectively will whitewash the current scam.

    And the calls for tightening up regulation to deal with the daylight robbery of taxpayers has been met with this.

    MP's sneak in exemption from FOI act.

    This is why political analysis has degraded to such an extent,the frustration caused by MP's themselvs.

    And until we see either an overhaul of our 'democracy',MP's ceasing to act like tax junkies,or a return to the screen of spitting image the name calling will continue.
  5. For somebody who professes to be a university student you display an astonishing ignorance of literature.
  6. Even without the literature knowledge it is pretty clear to understand.....
  7. Alright, so I may have over-exaggerated, and yes I did pick up the blantantly obvious Orwell reference, but really, name calling doesn't do it any favours. There's funny, but if you're trying to make a serious point then i find it better to stick being serious. I apologise for my comment, alot of posters do it on the site and in this I bit.

    Now then, back to topic.

    MP's policing MP's, that's the problem as I-C-H pointed out. So, anyone any ideas on what to do about it?
  8. Write to your MP, express your concern. You need to make it an issue, MP's (like anyone else) will try to get away with things. Not enough ordinary folks communicate with their MP, result is that the MP only hears activists. Make them aware of your displeasure.
  9. A lottery style drawing and selection of 10 voters, by random who must declare ALL AND ANY association with political parties and MPs, which will make them disqualified for role.

    They are paid handsomly, put in a similar pad as the MPs (but a different one), if needed, and are charged with policing the MPs. Have the power to call for local elections as neccesary.

    Backed up with various lawyers and what not to help them, but the descision is theres..... and attributable for ten years. One year tour at a time? 6 months?
  10. Looks to me as though the 'rats' are 'troughing' prior to deserting the sinking ship - or, at least, being thrown off the sinking ship at the next election.

    PS: For those who do not understand 'name calling':

    'rats' translates as unprincipled, greedy, irresponsible, thoughtless MPs.

    'troughing' translates as milking the system for every tax-payers' penny available.

    PPS: BBC defending McNulty against a former Chairman of the Public Standards Committee! The former chairman stated, clearly and correctly, words to the effect that: "...the public no longer trust MPs...".

    The quasi-Marxist BBC cow is still, as I type, trying to ensure that 'Tory MPs' are included as feeding in the trough of greed being stirred up. Oh! she has just upset a LABOUR MP - her 'time of the month' obviously.

    Hurry up election!
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Fellow Arrsers. You may rest assured that your MPs are working flat out to come up with new rules to stop the genuine excesses that have been inadvertantly highlighted over the past few months.

    The new rules will be published immediately we have found new ways to get round them.

    Don't forget to vote for me in 2010.

    :( :colors: