Another sex-scandal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crazy_Legs, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. From todays scum:

    More detail in the paper itself but this is all I could get from t'internet.

    It would appear he is going through a divorce and got a bit 'tired and emotional' at a dinner night and tried to bed the RAO / Det Comd.

    Reported himself to the Bde Comd in the morning when he realised what he had done!!
  2. He was my Syndicate DS at Staff College, I seem to remember a certain alcohol intollerance...

  3. Would her initials be LT?
  4. This is the guy who "laughed like a drain" when he saw the video.

    What a cuntish phrase. Says it all...
  5. It was nice to see the Scum keepig up their reputation of branding evry Regt in the Army as 'Elite' and the person in question as 'one of the brightest soldiers in the Army' (well he had blue listed so probably going places).

    I wonder if there are any 'non-elite' Regts and any non flying soldiers involved in these scandals!!
  6. Nope....they're all too busy being professional.
  7. To add to the thread, there was another piece in the "currant bun" on Tues, in the Dear Deidre column - I'm a sad git I know, but the b*tch won't reply to my letters! The letter was from girlie seduced by one HMs finest who duly captured the event on his digital camera, then promptly put in on the Net - sorry don't know the link! As she was the star of the clip, I think she wanted to know how to claim royalties :)
  8. Al - a story entitled 'Crap Army bloke from some Corps or other does something stupid' is not going to sell papers! It happens everyday here! :)