Another setback for New Labour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Nov 5, 2004.

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  1. Lardy Prescott's plan to extend Whitehall micromanagement to the regions is off to a bad start:

    Splendid news!
  2. Wahey!!! A resounding "no" to yet another superfluous, expensive tier of government!!!

    Did you see the look on Prescott's face??? Pricless! He was so sullen that most of his face had sunk into his chin!

    Here's Samizdata's take:

    Be gone, evil spirits
    David Carr (London) UK affairs
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    The election victory of George Bush is a hugely significant event in its own right but at least part of the reason why it gets so much coverage here is due to the near-absence of anything good happening in the UK. It has been this way for years.

    Hence, I am doubly-delighted to note that a small proportion of the British electorate has done something right for a change:

    People in the North East have voted "no" in a referendum on whether to set up a new regional assembly.
    The total number of people voting against the plans was 696,519 (78%), while 197,310 (22%) voted in favour.

    That is not just a 'no', it is a big, fat, resounding 'no'.

    The 'new regional assembly' that HMG was attempting to foist on the public was supposed to be the first of many similar boondoggles designed (allegedly) to facilitate 'local decision making'.

    Dressed up in the fuzzy, fashionable, eminantly spinnable language of 'decentralisation', these assemblies actually represent nothing more than yet another grossly expensive tier of government, complete with an army of paper-shufflers, ticket-punchers, regulators, office-holders, rubber stampers and form-fillers. Not to mention the heavy battalions of outreach co-ordinators, inclusivity counsellors, gender advisers, diversity directors, real nappy officers and sundry other busybodies and parasites.

    In short, the whole thing is simply an 'Enemy Class' job-creation scheme and I like to think that (at long last) some sections of the British electorate were able to see the truth of this. Perhaps, just maybe, some of the long-suffering British cash cows have decided that they have donated more than enough blood to these Vampires-Who-Walk-By-Day.

    HMG has promised that, in the event the referendum was lost, they would drop the whole idea. I am not at all confident they will abide by that pledge. The career ambitions of their supporters will not be so easily thwarted.

    But, for now at least, I am prepared to bask in the moment and declare myself temporarily content.
  3. I was quite disappointed with the results, my area was next to get the vote and still hope they do.
    I read they believed the North East was more likely to vote yes than the rest of England? Not sure of the reasons, surely Yorkshire and Lancashire are more likely to vote yes, they've both been independant of England in the past (Danelaw) and have strong loyalty to their counties.
  4. Look, since when have New Labour actually listened? they hold these referendums just to see what the reaction will be like, not that they will not carry on with it.

    Just remember they get paid anyway.they like to think they know what is best for all of us.

    it is about time they got performance related wages, that they like to impose on others.
  5. Hasn't this tier of government already been set up (I've already worked with them)? So all we are being asked is if this body should be elected or not
  6. We in the North West told Prescott where to go earlier this year. It was Labour who divided the NW into LAncashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Mersyside over 30 years ago and now they want to put it all back again!!!!
    We all though it is just Whitehall getting slopey shoulders and trying to place blame for failed policies elsewhere so that St Tony looks whiter than white.
    Anyway. How dare Prescott presume what is good for us without asking first. I wonder how much these local referendums cost anyway?
  7. The thing with politicians is they forget that they are there to do the will of the people, not think that they know better than us. This is why New Labour will ultimately fall, the sheer arrogance and disrespect they demonstrate to us the electorate on a daily basis :evil:
  8. In reply to my earlier question. The referendum cost 11m. All for nothing. I wonder if Brown would consider making Prescott redundent as a cost cutting measure?
  9. Isn't the fat twat already redundant?
  10. Only figuratively.
    Actually his figure is round.
  11. Very appropriate. A big, fat zero. :wink:
  12. Interesting that this bunch of clowns has been elected by a relatively low percentage of the total electorate, (?21%? correct me if I'm wrong) with a manifesto that appealed only to that low percentage.
    If their manifesto were presented for approval in the same way that this bag of nails was presented, by referendum, I wonder how much of it would still be left at the end of it all.
    Pity we can't subject the Fat Tw*t's building programme to the same scrutiny. Pave over the whole of the South and to Hell with inadequate water supplies and traffic gridlock, when, in one day, I counted 280 empty properties inside a 2 mile square area of Holloway!
  13. I'm pleased this has died on its arse and rejected by the good citizens of the North East. It would have been stuffed full of the worst kind of political placemen. The first thing they'd have done would have built a hugely expensive and uneeded palace to their own vanity. Not one penny would have been spent on roads, hospitals and schools. cnuts the lot of them.

    I've just heared that 500 000 houses are going to build in my reagion (as you state OldAdam). The place will be utterly changed for ever (and not for the better)

    BTW I must change my avitar OldAdam!
  14. No worries Fozzy, there's room for two!