Another sensible product idea


I think it is now time for you to commission the production of ARRSE car stickers. Imagine hacking along the M25 and seeing that green/ black/ pink/ brown TRF and Pte Potatohead in the back of a fello ARRSE member's jam jar! You could tailgate them, hoot in a friendly way or meet up in "Welcome Break" for a £4.99 cup of tea!

Car stickers are cheap and easy to produce and even with a proftable mark-up aren't damaging to the wallet. How many of those RBATs* on the M1 would have them under the old Union Jack?

Please do it.


* Rumpety-bumpety Army Truck
If you can see my ARRSE you're too farking close! :?

Get off my ARRSE! :? :?

Any closer to my ARRSE & you'll have to pay! 8O

I'm not one for adorning my car with tat (I have NONE of the 'normal' girl stuff in my car) but I think I could allow a Mr. PH / ARRSE colours sticker...
given the impending arrival of the stork I think Beebs likes abit more than just Arrse .

I like the car sticker Idea but what about the long awaited Polo shirt??

You make it and I'll buy it.


'I'm an ARRSE Inputter'

'The best thing about the internet: ARRSE'

'I like to start the day with some ARRSE'

'Soldiers like ARRSE'
TRF for me too


I love my cARRSE

What a fARRSE!

My other ARRSE is a/on (insert as appropriate)

My other ARRSE is a lot smaller than this

Does my ARRSE look big in this?

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