Another Senior Office quits the Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Malteser, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. :x

    Link here

    Yet another casualty to the negilant managment of the Arms Forces by the Government and the Spinless Generals who are quiet.
  2. "But there is a danger that it will lose its most valuable asset – its soldiers – if they are not cherished and properly supported by the great and good".

    The above, extracted from the article, just about sums it up.

  3. It must have been a real struggle to decide to leave and having to survive on a meagre Lt Col's gratuity and pension.
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    And your point is?
  5. Pretty f*cking obvious if you get off your high horse and read it. He's done alright out of it, his pension and gratuity will see him will the profits from his private security company I would imagine.

    Somehow I don't think he'll be waiting to get onto any council house list, do you, you f*cking arrsewipe?
  6. Biscuits - you haven't got a effing clue. Nick Henderson is privately wealthy as is his wife, he never needed to join up, never even needed to get a job. He joined because he really wanted to, the money never had anything to do with it.

    I worked with him on and off for 9 years and he shone out as a bloke who really cares and really does his best for those under his command. He has left because the government has overcommitted the military and he was never home with his family - there are thousands like him.
  7. I don't doubt for one minute Lt Col Henderson was a good boss. There is however an old saying, 'Don't complain about the dark, light a candle'

    Good officers are few and far between and should do all within their sphere of influence at every rank to make positive change whether it is conditiond, equipment, training or pay.

    Those that progress higher than CO should use their influence instead of jumping ship and then sounding off in the press, which always smacks just a little as sour grapes.

    I hope those that work for him now in his security company are enjoying lots of time off, with good pay and equipment or will they too be being 'squeezed' in similar fashion?
  8. If he feels this way, how much higher would he have got, and would his opinion mattered?

    As a private citizen he can now say pretty much what ever he feels like.

    Good points and bad points from the punters.

    How many MPs have resigned in the past few years? Not many, shows the character of those that sit in Parliment.

    Here is my favourite.

    Thanks for that Mark, you fcuking tube.
  9. Like I said, he'll not be having to worry about putting a roof over his kids heads like the remainder of those 1000s then.
  10. No he wont, but as has been said, he didn't have to join in the first place.

    Maybe if he had no money to fall back on he wouldn't have quit, or may still ahve done.

    But that is irrelevant day dreaming, he has done what he has done, not dreamed about it.
  11. I would imagine that there are many still serving who've had a belly full for a whole plethora of reasons, but who will have to stay in as they've got families to feed.

    Oh how my heart bleeds purple p*ss for senior Officers who whine to the press about thier 'tough decisions' to leave. Never mind Colonel, I'm sure you'll be able to employ some of the lads in your private security company, have the luxury of grateful, trained and disciplined staff who act just like they were in the mob and who will more than likely work for less than what they are earning now.

    Yeah, life's tough.
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    So what? He worked hard enough, did enough tours and was competant enough to receive the payments he gets for a 20+yr stretch. He has had the nouce to set up his own business and that's doing well too. Good on him

    WTF are you so bitter and twisted about? Which part of the above is it? I asked the question as I didn't see the need for this thread to descend to some cr@ppy "they get paid more than me" rubbish. It is not relevent to the thread.

    The simple truth is that a retd Lt Col will get listened to by the press and whose standing will give weight to the arguments put forward. What he said in the interview wasn't over the top. It was a simple reminder to the PTB that things need to change. The more times the reminder is given, the more chance it is it will be heard. He did it to benefit those still serving. You knocking him for that?

    Biscuits - move on mate. You're making yourself look a little sad.
  13. So have I got this right?

    (1) Officers who disagree with how the armed forces are being run should stay in, shut up and change the system from within.

    (2) Senior officers should stand up to polititians when they are tasked beyond their means.

    Are these two compatible?

  14. Move on? I have done mate. Little sad? No more than you make yourself look an arrsewipe but hey ho. As for the bitter and twisted comment, hardly, as his departure from HM Forces has no effect upon me whatsoever. I haven't commented upon what he has said either, so why mention it? In fact, what was the whole purpose of your last post? You pinged the poster of the question as you felt a bit superior to him/her didn't you? You didn't like it when someone pinged you. Arreswipe.
  15. Who cares what you have got right?

    (1) Who said that?

    (2) Who said that?

    I don't know, perhaps you could expand?