Another scrounge

Folks, I'm planning to haul my fat middle aged arse around Dublin for 13 and a bit miles on September 18th, hopefully at something between a shuffle and a fast jog. While doing so it's my intention to raise a few quid for Combat Stress. Any donations more than welcome. Any Irish arrsers want to come and shout encouragement/abuse on the day, feel free to do so. Thank you.

My justgiving page Gareth Dyer is fundraising for Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society (COMBAT STRESS)
That would be great. I'll get my Nigerian accountant on to you. Don't want to donate? No worries. I'm an ex squaddie, intending to raise a couple of quid for a relevant charity and posted request in the charities forum. Sorry if I missed something.
Made it over the line in 1.50. So far raised over two hundred quid for Combat Stress. Thank you to all who donated and offered encouragement/abuse.

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