Another scandal brewing for Labour?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    David Mills,the estranged husband(yea,right) of former cabinet minister Tessa Jowell has lost his appeal against conviction of bribery in Italy.

    His erstwhisle friend in Italy,the President,Silvio Berlusconi(host of freebies en passim for the former Dear St Tony)Leader has also been stripped of immunity from prosecution.

    Court proceedings over the coming months could make interesting reading,assuming they are not supressed by the BBC.


    (assuming it works)

  2. The Lieing bunch of cnuts will wriggle out of this as they've done with all the others. T Jowell executed a very quick Tactical Withdrawal from poor old Mills so they are free to claim it's nothing to do with them!
  3. Miss Jowells claims to be separated from Mr Mills…

    Oddly enough, the seem to have spent plenty of time together after said seperation at a new address.

    ^ Neil Sears (February 19, 2009). "Jowell 'Still spends most weekends with disgraced husband'". Daily Mail (London). "The couple sold their marital home in North London and declared that Mills would live in rural Warwickshire, while Miss Jowell would live in Highgate, North London ten miles from her South London constituency. However, after that Mills helped his supposedly estranged wife move into her new flat, and stayed the night.There have been numerous sightings of the pair together socially since. Last night a friend revealed Jowell still loves her husband 'very much', spending most weekends with him and even hosting dinners for Cabinet ministers and senior Labour figures ... 'Sometimes they stay with friends together. They don't go to her flat in London because it's too small, but they spent Christmas together at his new place in Warwickshire.'"
  4. Blair & Brown are the worst PM's this country has had, both of these inept corrupt b*stards have set out to destroy Great Britain. A pox on them and all Labour voters.
  5. If his wife is a minister surely all he has to do is mumble an unfelt half-arrsed apology and that's the end of it? :roll:
  6. whats even more annoying is this cnut will get off due to italian law having about 47 appeal processes yet an extremely tight statute of limitations. Time will likely expire before mills exhausts his appeals so he gets off.
  7. ........and the usual half-witted suspects continue to shriek 'Tory sleaze'.

    I reckon the Tories have lots to learn about sleaze from Bliar and Brown and the current government.
  8. what like: neil hamilton, jeffery archer, jonathon aitken, and that other one merchant. not forgetting alan clarke being 'economical' with the truth re. matrix-churchill :lol:

    the way the labour party look now regarding sleaze isn't even close to how john major's government looked in 1996. that aside.

    even if jowell's husband does do a stretch, he isn't a minister, and therefore it's pretty much irrelevent.
  9. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Isquared,in my humble opinion,this is the most corrupt regime Britain has had the misfortune to be governed by at least since the Second World War.These fatherless ones will do anything to cling to power including rigging the next election.

    Mandleson in particular is totally corrupt and venal.As is his former mentor,St Tony himself.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Wasn't it just "technical" bribery? That one seemed to work for the Attorney General.
  11. Can never see why someones spouse/relative or friend does something naughty then they are tared with them same brush? I mean one of my friends is a pothead another is an accountant - dont fcuking ask me to do sums though, or roll a fcuking spliff.
  12. Compared to labours corruption, there little foibles look like Accrington Stanley versus Man Utd... not even in the same league.

    As bad as the tories were under Major, they didn't institutionalise corruption through the entire body politik, is there now a single public body in UK (Except the forces) that is not riddled from the top down with corruption?

    New Labour are the HIV ideology, they destroy the state from within.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    And the really sad thing is that you probably believe you're right.

    Make a list of the key Cabinet positions and see how many of them have not been filled by someone who has had to resign or been hurriedly replaced since 1997.

    Then bear in mind too that the current shower have applied the loosest possible standards - i.e. both Brown and Blair refused to resign after lying to Parliament, Jackie Smith and her 'flipping' - otherwise the figures would have been even worse. Let's start with Mandelson - resigned twice, Blunket - resigned twice, that's the Minister for Trade (and effectively Labour's number two) and the Home Secretary for starters - and you really believe that's on a par with Hamilton? Even Ashie wouldn't try arguing that that.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Here's a link to all the non-shuffle resignations since 1997 - some honourable individuals, but a veritable roll of shame in some parts.

    And then you think of the likes of Baroness Scotland and Keith Vaz.... grrrrr.

    On top of that, how many MP's are going to be gripped for the expenses fiddles? Happy to bet that most will be Labour. Aitken and Archer were amateurs compared to some of the recent batch.
  15. ' lill '

    Nice to have another idiot on board.
    Try Labour Sleaze, in Google.