Another Scam

This morning I received an email from a fellow SSAFA caseworker (well not really as there was a very slight difference in the return address)

> "Hello,
> Sorry to bother you with this but i had a sudden trip out of the country to Belgium. Am here to see my ill cousin she is suffering from Kidney disease and must undergo Kidney transplant to save her life. Kidney transplant is very expensive here, so i want to transfer her back home to have the surgery implemented. I really need to take care of this now but my credit card can't work here. I traveled with little money due to the short time I had to prepare for this trip and never expected things to be the way it is right now. I need a loan of 2,000 Pounds from you and I'll reimburse you at my return. I will really appreciate whatever amount you can come up with,if not all get back to me. I'll advise on how to transfer it.
> Thanks
> Dick"

This amused me no end so I replied,

"Sure Dick no problem, give me your bank account details and I'll empty it for you, ******...."

Would you believe it, I got this reply,

" Thank you for your concern and help.

You will transfer the money through Western Union outlet using the details below:

Address: 19,Rue du Parnasse
Ixelles, Brussels 1050

Kindly send it as soon as possible and once you have it sent,let me have the money transfer confirmation number(Mtcn) with full details of the transfer.

I will be waiting to read from you once you have it sent.


I suppose some people might not check return email address but surely you would phone your mate to find out what the problem was instead of sending money willy nilly without speaking to them, I guess this is the sort of employment opportunity the Romanians will be looking for soon. So you have been warned. check the return address on any email you get that is asking for money or information.
Glad some one is, I'm not. Maybe you should send some money, the address is there for you.
Don't worry he is genuine, I have just helped his cousin transfer £4.2 M from Belgium to UK, should receive my 25% by Friday. only had to pay the £1.200 arrangement fee up front.

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