Ladies and Gentlemen

I found out today about yet another sad loss. Cpl Jay Garrett who was mentioned in dispatches for his bravey during Op TELIC, sadly died on Christmas day.
Jay was the commander of a REME Challenger Armoured Recovery Vehicle carrying out a recovery task on a stranded SCOTS DG Challenger 2. He laid down supressing fire for several hours from his exposed position in the comds cupola while his crew attempted to recovery the casualty vehicle. Under constant attack from both small arms fire and RPG attack Jay ensured the safety of his crew.

Jay had become a shadow of his former self over recent times and his plight was recently shown on the "Tonight with Trevor MacDonald" program on ITV.

Another wasted life. How long before these brave men get the help they need, as soon as it is needed?
RIP mate stand down job done
Sincere condolences to family and friends.
I won't rant about care this time....
RIP & Thank You
RIP Cpl Garrett :(

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