Another sad loss

BBC News - Afghanistan injury kills RAF man

From the same incident that killed a Royal Marine on Thursday.

This is covered in the thread dedicated to the Royal but I thought this chap deserved his own thread. I offer no apologies for the duplication.
God rest him.

Prayers with the family.

Per Ardua.
My condolences to his family, friends and comrades.

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Ant Downing was a kind, intelligent, focused and charming officer. He led our group on the 3 Peaks' Challenge in autumn 2010, and his obvious sensitivity to others' difficulties, love for the mountains and incredible drive held the group together. His simple pleasure in watching the sunrise from the top of Snowdon was the measure of the man.

He was supremely fit - he entered super-endurance events almost casually, and excelled in them. He drove others to succeed as well, without ever criticising or comparing. His encouragement and congratulations when I did a half marathon were exactly the same as when another colleague did a full one; they would have been just as fulsome and genuine had someone swum the Atlantic or cycled across America - the latter a feat Ant himself accomplished during one set of POTL.

It was always a pleasure to sit and talk with him over coffee or supper. I shall miss him.

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