Another rough, tough policeman, bringing disgrace to his uniform

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by nigegilb, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. Sergeant faces sack after cell assault on woman - Crime, UK - The Independent

    A police sergeant faces the sack after being caught on CCTV injuring a woman by pushing her into a cell, it emerged today.

    Sgt Mark Andrews is shown dragging Pamela Somerville, 59, across the floor of the police station in Wiltshire before shoving her into a cell.

    CCTV footage captured her lying on the floor for a minute before struggling to get up with blood pouring from a head wound.

    Former soldier Sgt Andrews, 37, was eventually convicted of assault causing actual bodily harm after a trial at Oxford Magistrates Court earlier this summer. He will be sentenced on Tuesday and is expected to lose his job.

    Lifted like a rag doll and hurled into cell: Shocking video of police brutality... on 5ft 2in tall 59-year-woman | Mail Online

    Lifted like a rag doll and hurled into cell: Shocking video of police brutality... on 5ft 2in tall woman, 59, found asleep in car
    Last updated at 2:37 AM on 5th September 2010
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    Captured on film, a burly police sergeant flings an innocent 5ft 2in woman on to a concrete floor, knocking her unconscious.
    By the time the then 57-year-old market researcher Pamela Somerville comes round several minutes later, blood is streaming from a wound above her left eye.
    Disorientated and bewildered, she manages to lift herself off the floor, but can only stagger around the room.

    Read more: Lifted like a rag doll and hurled into cell: Shocking video of police brutality... on 5ft 2in tall 59-year-woman | Mail Online
  2. How the **** is it in any way pertinent that the copper used to serve. It really pisses me off. Why do they not say:

    "Sergeant Fuckdust (who was a carpet fitter in a previous life) hit the nun repeatedly in the face" or whatever?

    Just trying to perpetuate the myth that all serving and ex are somehow psychotic timebombs just waiting to go off.

    Im pissed off now.

    edited because I possess sausages instead of hands
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  3. Yet again, a law abiding member of the public doing nothing wrong gets the shit beaten out of then for not showing the Police what they feel is due respect to their authoritah.

    Keep it up plod - many of the public already regard you as 'the enemy', a bit more work and it will be 100%.
    Was a time once when I'd wade in to help a Copper in a street confrontation situation, now? I'd just shrug and walk on by as he got a kicking.
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  4. So, ********, does something dickheaded, gets caught, convicted and will lose job.
    Did I miss something?
  5. Don't wish to be considered as condoning the offence but she must have done something to p*ss them off big style. As the TV news said this morning, the Sgt would have known there is CCTV throughout the custody suite and cells.
  6. I used to think that too, then I started thinking........and now notice that all manner of previous from 'ex dinner lady' to 'ex THEM' to victim/have a go hero had appeared on Stars in Their Eyes' gets mentioned in media stories good and bad, not just servicepersons. There is no conspiracy, switch off the engine and step away from the outrage bus...and remove your tinfoil beret!

    The victim does seem to lose/gain a couple of years between stories. Journalists eh?
  7. I was more interested in the fact that none of his colleagues did anything to help the poor woman. Conspiracy of silence, I'd have had them all up before the Court - wasters.
  8. We can add this to the bog roll of dishonour. After last week's incident with two coppers taking a seized sports car for a spin - and demolishing a house and last months fun with three coppers recycling a pensioner's motor because he wasn't wearing a seat belt we may be needing to lengthen the roll somewhat.

    It's funny how incidents like this rarely happen when the victim is a six foot six black guy built like a brick sh1t house. Here's hoping Large Sarge enjoys his stay in prison. He might even meet some old acquaintances and end up bleeding in a cell himself.
  9. Yet again another Chief Constable appearing to "understand" the actions of the officer:

    "Whilst that is unpalatable, the reality is that policing is complex and difficult and again we repeat, there can never be any excuse for excessive behaviour by police officers or police staff"

    While he points out that there is no excuse for this behaviour he says its "a complex and difficult task". This assault took place in one of this Chief Constable's stations, that makes him responsible for the actions of his officer.

    What annoys me about this incident, the Officer concerned is a custody officer, he knows that the custody area and the cell are covered by CCTV cameras which are recording all the time, yet he still assaults a member of the public and injures her despite knowing he is being recorded. Either this officer is thick as pigsh1t, or he views that the chances of his actions being reviewed by his superiors are so low that its worth the risk. Either way I seriously hope that this results in the officer concerned learning about life on the other side of a prison wall, and not for a short time.
  10. Apart from the policewoman who phoned another Boss to get him/her to put a stop to it, you mean.
  11. Bet your mates trusted you.
  12. BBC News reported this morning that it was a WPC present at the time who dobbed him in.

    Was she issued the moral courage or did she bring her own on shift?
  13. I think there may be an appeal here, if for no other reason than to keep a wage coming in whilst looking for a new job. It wwould have been just as good to ignore her and get a Constable to put her into a cell until she was more amenable especially as she appears to have been arrested for something like drunk in charge of a vehicle. His actions knowingly on camera suggest that he intended to push her into the cell but not to cause a bleeding head. It doesn't matter really though as that was the net result of his actions.

    Over time, dealing with day to day nastiness numbs you and you become nasty yourself. I suspect this man lost it once too often and is now reaping the consequences of his actions. I am sure the colleague who informed on him is , of course , whiter than white and is of the most high moral standards that he would never do such things.
  14. So the hard as fcuk Sarge has been throwing his weight around and big timing it with some pished up munter - cries all round of police brutality....


    Americas finest shows how it's really done:

    YouTube - Ultimate Police Brutality Mashup
  15. Whatever happened to Regan and Carter. No CCTV back in the days of Gene Hunt.
    Didn't she just fall down the stairs?