Another role change in the Corps

Apoligies if this has already been covered, or is already common knowledge but I have only recently found out and I cant recall it being mentioned within the FAS instruction.

Anyway, I've recently found out that 28 Engr Regt & 36 Engr Regt are to re-role as Close Support Regts. (they are General Support at the moment)

Apparantly this is to enable the Corps to have 1 Close Support Regiment per Brigade (10 Regiments = 10 Brigades). So does this mean that the Rigs will be moth balled and where is all the armour to come from?

Many other questions, but I'm sure they will be covered in time by fellow arrsers. Discuss..
tricky_ricky, have heard nothing about mothballing the fleet here, but it wouldnt supprise me in the slightest. We did re-role to a wheeld field sqn for all of about 2 days because we had blown the budget for third line spares.

The last time i got a chance to talk to the GOC when he visited he said no where to put the rigs and no plan to move 28 any where for at least 10 years.

BUT that was now 2 years ago, and 23 Amph seems to have a bad boy reputation at the moment for some reason.

So standby re-roll.

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