Another result for plod

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Great effort.

    Those plod should get an extra serving of morale for such a result.

    Just glad no civpop were hurt.
  3. Fcuk 'em. They had their chance to stop. That's saved the court system three wasters to process.
  4. Glorious. I understand they allowed a female to survive to breed, though. That's either culpable negligence, or they are setting bag limits high enough to encourage culling. Have to go and think about that.
  5. The PC BBC gave more time to this shite than the Guhka hero KIA this morning
  6. I hope the one that lived dies In hospital, If it's permanantly disabled it'll be a drain on NHS resources for many a year to come. (Plus it'll probably sue GMP and win...)
  7. I thought I saw on the news another "runner" got killed when his car crashed so that makes four . Really good drills and well done to the plod
  8. They would only have received a slap on the wrist and a disqual, then continue to drive, maybe killing innocent people. Cheap result, few hours overtime.
  9. Result!!!

    Well done the plod,and may the fourth person in this car soon die and stop wasting taxpayer's money.

    These chavscum are not worth their weight in urine.
  10. You seem surprised mate. Welcome to the country where the death of 3 people who were trying to get away from the police (yeah I know there was only 1 driving) deserve more news time than someone who lays down their life for it.

    Hope the officers involved don't get crucified by the Police Police. after all there was NHI on this one.
  11. I hope that the one survivor lives with her mind intact but is crippled from the neck down. Then she can spend the rest of her miserable existence thinking about how she got there.
  12. I wouldn't wish the expense of keeping this b*tch to be inflicted on taxpayers.

    If she/it survives,some pinko liar,sorry lawyer will sue on legal aid and she/it will probably receive up to a million quid in compo.

    If that had happened in this country(Thailand),the b*tch would be very unlikely to be alive now.
  13. No Humans Involved! :twisted:

    Good Drills by Gene Hunt's old mob. :D
  14. What a shame i feel sorry for the victim's their wall is fckued and they will have load of cheap flowers dumped outside their house for years to come
  15. Yep Fcuk 'em!! it's a good result