Another RESPOD Question!

Not that I disbelieve my esteemed collegues in the RAO's but they seem a bit quick with a 'F**k-Off!' when I ask the following: I live in a private flat approx 5 miles from my POD with my Fiancee and have done so for 2 years now. Simple question: am I entitled to RESPOD, (or anything!), or should I just go over to the dark side and get married?
Why do you not believe them??

You need to be living in a Married Quarter, or Service Supplied Accommodation to get RPOD and quite clearly you do not.

You don't live far enough away for RILOR either, so getting married wouldn't get you any money for travelling either, unless you got a quarter that was more than 3 miles from camp.

They are correct in giving you the big FO Tablet in this instance.

Roll on JPA :roll:

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