Another Request (for a change)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dave8307, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. OK, you 'orrible lot, listen in!!

    I didn't want to put this into the Charity forum because this is where I believe the shakers and movers reside (well, I know some of you shake like me......... oh, shit, Nurse!!!!)

    Anyway, I have a bunch of mini-crabs (University Air students) who are cycling a 24-man/woman cycle round my local airfield but are having trouble returning it to its home FOC in Great Dunmow from Merseyside.

    If anyone has contact with any of our valiant cavalry regiments in Collie, car transporter companies or just anyone willing to carry a jalopy with the following dimensions:

    Weight 3.5-ton, size 12.2m length, 1.9m width and 3.1m height.

    I would greatfully appreciate it.

    The event is scheduled for July but a swift response would be appreciated.

    If anyone can do or knows someone who can do, please PM me.


  2. Come on, folks, I know its the Bank Holiday weekend coming up but there must be one or two of you out there with contacts....

    ...if it helps raise the profile a bit more the Charity is Help For Heroes (as if that should matter) and the RAF units they've contacted haven't got a spare wagon and it will cost them an awful lot of money to transport it back under their own steam.....

    Just give me a couple of names and I'll do the work phoning round

    Please, please, pretty please :)
  3. 24 person bike you say? that's a lot of metal! ust contact your local pikey encampment they will help you for sure 8)
  4. Says it all really. This is the Army Rumour service dave, why not try PPrune?
  5. Why dont you try all the forums for a wider audience, you wont get much in here apart from some abusive banter :D
  6. Count
    I expected the banter because I'm working on behalf of crabs, but the reasoning behind posting on here is the wide audience and I thought there would be some guys from around Colly - I do believe there are some prancing lancers in the area for instance.

    Ho Hum, I'm fcuking off to prune, then :)
  7. Dave 8307, it’s a test right ? lets just look at this scenario ,
    You have a large bicycle right ?
    You need to get it some where FOC yes ?

    Now don’t get me wrong here , but could this oversize velocopede not be , er sort of you know, cycled to its destination ?

    You laugh at my simple but effective idea, (I know every one else does.)

    But why not inform your local press of this dilemma and see if a local haulier could help out , you win both ways here a; you just might get free transport or
    b; get more sponsorship for the crabs to cycle it back !

    Just an idea

  8. WW, one teeny weeny flaw. It's about 240 miles. Imagine the insurance premium they would have to pay? I don't think they'd get it through the M6 toll either.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Has a certain young Gay Boys Pinup Royal not still got access to one of HM Budgies, Swanning About For The Use Of?
  10. :D 240 miles thats a fair wodge of money that could be raised, but not as far as Lands end to John O' Groats , bicycle not allowed on M6,thats the toll taken care of , pedal cycle insurance not required , unless you want to insure the crab propulsion unit ! oh wait , c r a b , Hmmm sorry, now if this was an Army opereration.............. it would already have been done :D

    ( you can tell I now have a lot of time on my hands here in chemoville )

  11. Wubbleyou, Wubbleyou

    Local hauliers already been tasked - no-one replied to the request.

    Further to the previous posting re pprune I've posted on there - thanks for that suggestion.

    Already suggested to the mini-crabs that they cycle it themselves but apparently top speed is about 5 mph.

    I had visions of them pedalling like mad down the motorways with their little legs going like the clappers, but as Snail says, they wouldn't be allowed on the M6 Toll :)
  12. Phone radio Merseyside's "A team" 0151 794 0984 on Tuesday and ask for their help. They will put a request out and usually get it sorted. Alernatively email
  13. Cheers OB, thanks for that - must admit I don't usually listen to local radio except when they're doing non-League night :)