another recruit training change

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Mabey someone who deals with the rtc's can correct me. i have been told that as of april infantry recruits may have to do weekend 1-11 (two new weekends added) then go to a regular rtc e.g pirbright for 2 weeks. then finally go to catterick to do 2 weeks cic. the reason for this is to prepare for future deployments to herrick and a better chance to pass cic.

    this is still not 100% set in stone but serious planning from the head sheds are leading them to this change
  2. Most of the people who join the TA infantry don't have jobs anyway.
  3. haha yer we have a few unemployed. i no the problems about getting holidays ect but it was said to me this method would be cheaper for the army. but i dont understand how as the 4 weeks away will cost alot to pay recruits. plus mtd's will be used up, mind you most ta infantry units should be warned for ops so mtd's might not be a problem
  4. I think your confused with the 2 weeks course the rear servives do old boy.
  5. DRAFT Amendment 2 to CMS (TA) 09 dated 01 Apr 10 has no provision to increase the number of weekends for Inf or OA & Svcs, your headsheds should ring your RTC.

    It breaks down like this:


    6 weekends - TSC(A) at RTC
    3 weekends - TSC (Inf) at RTC
    2 weeks - TA CIC at ITC Catterick

    OA & Svcs

    6 weekends - TSC(A) at RTC
    2 weeks - TSC(B) at Pirbright/Grantham
    2+ weeks - Trade Training (Location dependant on Arm or Service)

    i.e. No change since the last amendment.
  6. But it was thought about, our OC mentioned it(the two extra w/es) in passing a few weeks ago only to tell us, last week, that it hadn't been confirmed and probably wont happen.
  7. im not confused with the corps training this was seriously mentioned
  8. It was definitley thought about but will now not go ahead - Infantry Phase 1 training remains unchanged
  9. That's some stutter!
    As an aside, this new CTP I assume takes into account the AOSP changes i.e. Rifle Practice 1 etc
  10. Doesn't mean you. You should hear some of the mis quoted tripe coming through the command or more likely gossip chain, even funnier when you realise its some throw away comment you made on this site.
  11. Hmmmmmmmmmmm - one of the proposed extra weekends (that was then cancelled) was to cover the additional shooting time of AOSP10, but given the lack of funding I think the powers to be are having to do a big rethink
  12. So its 'wait out' ,asit stands we're currently running two different CTPs so a third would just make things forfun for the wing boss!