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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Sappi, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Hello there,

    As the title states im another Recruit to be and ive gone through the application process. Ive got my start date and im joining the signals, all going well.

    My question is; is there any advice you have or any comments about Basic, blandford and the rest of my career. Any pointers that would give me a heads up would be welcome. Or even your own experiences that you believe are revelant to someone in my position.

    Reading other similar thread i should add... Personal fitness is of a good standard and i currently enjoy Sporting, x country, rugby, athletics etc all of which i represent county teams. Oh yeah.... and I LOVE! drill lol

    Ive been to blandford and heavily invovled in sigs with the acf and cant wait to make a career out of it.

  2. yea keep your gob shut and your eyes open and all should go well
    Dont bring attention to yourself during training
    Dont ever volunteer for anything its always a shit lob
    And dont ever ever ever eat yellow snow
    Hope all goes well for you
    Oh and one more thing transfer to the engineers you will be better off
  3. Living and going out near an engineers camp and being an RE cadet.... thats what everyone i meet says. Thanks for your help.
  4. Join the Navy. They get paid more, promoted quicker, see the world, get more time off, less bulls**t etc.

    If you want to have some sort of trade that might actually be of some use in the real world, the Navy or the Airforce would be a better bet.

    With both of the two services above you'll actually get to do the job you joined and trained for, not have to stop every two minutes because the RSM has just seen a piece of litter, or because some sqn oc can't hadle the bitter rejection of not being good enough to join the Paras or marines, he takes it out on the lads by thrashing them with battle PT every fecking day.

    if you join the raf as aircrew you will pass out as a sgt and get flying pay everyday, even if you are in a non flying tour.

    if you feel you must join the army join something like the REME and become a VM or recovery mech. That way you may be able to save yourself a few quid fixing your own car.

    I wish somebody told me this when i was joining.

    God dam that R Sigs recruiter!!!!!!!

  5. Bore off cunt! better still, fcuk off and hoover the charisma from one of the arms/services you seem to prefer to the Corps.

    Talk about fcuking whining....... :yawnstretch:
  6. Welcome to the Corps mate.

    There are numerous threads about advice on joining up so I'll let you practice your IT skills in finding them.

    There won't be any surprises and as long as you keep your mouth shut when you're supposed to, keep your nose clean, do as you're told when you're told to then phases 1 and 2 will be a cynch.

    Get fit but don't overdo it and if you look on the health and fitness forums you'll find a lot of good advice there too.

    Finally - when you're on a downer during phase 1 or 2 then phone home, phone mates, speak to your Training Team or whatever but FFS don't pull the plug on your new career before giving it a chance.

    We all have bad days remember.

    Hope all goes well.
  7. Get a proper job, it'll take you 22 years to be on 40k a year doing this one
  8. It will also depend on your trade selection. If you are still undecided, go IS Engineer. That is the way the Corps is going.
  9. It would for a c0ckstand like you, for a half decent, non bitter sort he'd get there a lot quicker. And BTW, do you think you are walking into a 40K job in civvy strasse?
  10. Thanks for all your help.

    Ive looked in other thread and the same stuff crops up. I shouldnt have a problem. And no way am i gonna jack. and to those blowing the RAF trumpet... each to his own.... armys all i want and its all im gonna do... thanks for the advice though.

    Ive gone for EWSO but ill see when i reach pahse two as im still undecided as such.

    Thanks again.
  11. eh? how do you make out that the RN & RAF get paid more? Are you talking about hardship money? Sod that, it's nice to have a life outside of the mob.

    Get paid less more like, the promotion is considerably slower than the army therefore pay is less (due to them, theoretically, having longer careers(.

    I wouldn't have like to join either of the other two services. RAF are just that (RAF) - good on one bit of kit and civvies who wear some resemblance of a uniform. RN - if you're a communicator, six months ashore followed by a tour on a ship and away for 3 years followed by another 6 months ashore and then back to sea. Not all glamour, a darkened ops room on a ship looks the same whether you're in the Bristol Channel or in the Med.

    Go army, and you could do an awful lot worse than sigs.
  12. Im a cadet and have some peices of kit thats you know... broken in as such, combat jacket, boots etc.... Is there any chance i get to use this stuff or should i sell it on before i go in?

    Also, has anyone been a cadet and gone to the army.... does it help?hinder? etc.... on my RDSC within about 5 min id clocked another cadet and we spent the rest of the selection working together... not gobbing off about being cadets (although this was due to him coz i was about to naturally be a cadet lol)

    Another big thing that i know has come up but id like your veiws.... relationships? ive been with my girlfriend for near of 4 years.... is it worth working on it or is life easier without the ties?
  13. Get rid of your kit, you will get new stuff issued.
    Get rid of the lass, bloody hindrance they are :D
    Dont mention being in the ACF, dont draw any undue attention to yourself, head down crack on with it and shine through as best recruit :D
  14. Alright... thanks.
  15. I was ALWAYS told by EVERYONE at Cadets. Tell the AFCO and sign any forms saying you were in Cadets, but when you get to basic your just a quick learner, don't draw attention if anyone asks if you were in cadets just say: "I guess I'm just a quick learner".

    Gets rid of the attention straight away. If you shout your mouth off you'll get beasted for being a dick or your section won't agree to well with you.