Another reason why Scotland is fantastic!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. While on the train into work this morning I was flicking through the Metro and was confronted with a photo of a bonny lass in Tartan lingerie and odd looking eagle jacket. It appears to be "Dressed to kilt" fashion festival in New York this week.


    sorry can't find linky for sexy eagle bird.

    Looks like Tartan is no longer for little old ladies and piss stained boxer shorts and is making a come back for the young and sexy.

    Have any Arrser's experianced sexy tartan?

    Oh plus they drank Bari dry!!!!
  2. And the other reason is????
  3. I thought JB sport stock rejects were the fashion in Scotland, or is that Scotish Wedding attire
  4. I think you left an extra 'n' in there.
  5. The one in the real paper is much better, though I sense some English jelousy. When was the last time there was a fashion festival for morris dancers? :D
  6. Apart from being the number three exporter of worker to the colonies, Scotland has the some of the most beautiful women in the UK (as long as they give the deep fried mars bars/pizzas/lard a wide berth).
  7. Scotchland is fantastic because it's number 3 at something???

    my bold

    Some of the best, you mean just behind England, Wales, N Ireland and Isle of Mann??? (Still, 5th place ain't too bad by your standards).
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Er, because it's 300 miles away?
  9. Come on, give us a brake we where up against the Irish potato famine and Afirican slave traders!

    Any way back to Tartan clad models........
  10. Why Scotland is great, ahem! ;)







  11. No.

    The name of the thread is Another reason why Scotland is fantastic! so apart from some models dressing up in Tartan (Which I'm sure you 'borrowed' from the Irish, along with kilts and the bagpipes) what else is good about Scotland?
  12. Help m'boab!
  13. Oi Jocks;

    "Drugs" is not a food group!

  14. deep fried mars bars are overrated! Bounty bars are better!
  15. Well, thats over an hour now, and no reply to my question.

    I thought as much.