Another reason why I will not be voting Conservative

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oddbod, Feb 7, 2005.

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    They are obviously quite prepared to bring LIARS & CRIMINALS back into the Party.
    Anyone else would have a hard time getting a shelf stacking job in Sainsburys

    WHEN are we going to find some politicians who truly represent the people & the Country, rather than their bank account & vested interests.

    We take the piss out of Italian politics for their corruption & yet our own lot are even more bent than they are :evil:
  2. Depends I suppose if the speculation is about allowing him to rejoin as a party member (I dont think most mainstream parties would or could exclude someone purely on grounds of having a criminal conviction unrelated to their political activities) -

    or as a potential speaker on the rubber chicken circuit, etc. I wouldnt personally pay to hear him!
  3. You have to dispair. Things are pretty grim when the only one amongst the Tories who looks like he has the balls to lead is "Our Boris" and now they look like dragging this useless tw*t back into the party. I'm sorry, his crimes may not have been directly related to his job but he entirely undermined anyones trust in him through his lying. This just makes the Tories look desperate, which for all intents and purposes they are.
  4. Fair comment, BN, seems v unwise timing at least.
  5. The article doesn't actually say "Tories let Lord Archer back into the fold"

    It does say "Dr Fox was asked if he would say yes or no if Lord Archer applied to rejoin."

    Who asked the question, and why? Presumably a member of the Press so he had something to write about Lord Archer.

    It seems very hypothetical, and good timing as Britain approaches elections with Labour so unpopular. At least one person is convinced he shouldn't vote Conservative based on something that hasn't happened
  6. The spin doctors are out in force on both sides.

    Personally I would'nt trust Archer as far as I could kick him.

    What a sad state of affairs our country has got into, B-lair and his cronies in power and no credible opposition now or in the future.

    It does not sit well with me, demoracy by name but not by nature, this first past the post system is not good for the nation, never thought I would ever say that.
  7. Nah, I was convinced by their last ten years on power - bunch of self-srving cnuts.
    I'm seriously screwed as to finding a political entity that I can agree with on more than 1% of what they profess to believe in.
    It's coming down to voting for who I despise least again :(
  8. Thank fcuk. I thought I was going to be the only one not voting for the tories come election time. I would even go so far to say that even...wait for it... Labour (GASP) are a better option than these cretins whose policies evolve around hijacking the issue of the day and telling us what great implausable solution they have to the problem. Their policies aren't based on their principles but rather what they think will get them votes.

    If you think Blair and his cronies have raped the Army, just wait and see what happens if this lot get back into power again. If we aren't fighting a war at the time, we will get chopped again.
  9. Even if we are fighting a war we will get chopped again. All part of the New Labour Master Plan.
  10. So why not start a 4th political party? (yes spread the few votes even further).

    Aim it to a Mid rightwing area, Gives those who hate the torrries someone to vote for. Also nick the UKIP votes.

    If you ran it as a party that would do what is needed to get the country back on its feet, and not what will get the vocal minority to vote for them.

    I know, I know, I'm dreaming. I just wish the Ttorries would get out there and Prod some Buttock. I don't like the SNP's policies as they're too right wing, however I cheered when their MP laid into TCH.
  11. Archers a mad lying c***t but probably a top bloke to go on the piss with :lol: .I would pay to hear him speak probably derseves an award for top walting ,but,really shouldnt be allowed to be in charge of anything important let him join the tories and go round making speeches
    its not like they going to get in to power anytime soon .
  12. Isn't blind Pugh still an MP and member of the Labour Party. Do you seriously reckon he won't be given a job in a future Govt? Let he who is without sin ......... He may not be a criminal (ie convicted), but he is not to be trusted, particularly with your Mrs.

    They're all a bunch of cnuts. Vote 'none of the above.'
  13. I emailed my (Tory) MP to express my disquiet at the failure of the Tory party to mount a credible opposition and to express my disgust at Howard's failure to oppose identity cards root and branch and his attack on immigrants - wrong policy, wrong time - and I got back two pages of self-serving party-line-toing bilge.

    I want Labour out, but I don't think I want the Tories in . I hate to say it, but I think I may be into protest voting next time around. I might even vote for Kilroy-Silk.
  14. For fcuks sake NO!! The only party that has a (dead) cat in hells chance of removing the Bliar party is the conservatives wether you like them or not. So please use your vote accordingly. And no protest votes either as this will achieve nothing other than reducing the chance of bliar party out.

    Besides, its not just the tories thinking of bringing back undesirables, look at the elastic mandelson. How many chances did he get? They still found a job for him in Europe!
  15. Agree with RC, this looks like journo b*llocks!

    seems the New Lying party are pulling all the stops to discredit the Tories. Smear campaign against Howard, Campbell back at Millbank and now B*Liar is taking all of the Tories policies for his own - well, nothing new there then.

    wonder why that is?