Another Reason to Worry....

Just read this on the DT website and, if accurate, makes me even more worried.

The Government in meltdown.
The Union under threat through constitutional vandalism
Recession on it's way.
The Country's skint.
Fighting two Medium Scale wars at once, and underfunded....

I could go on. Here's the link. Now where did I put those retirement brichures for Canada....?
True. And what makes it even more worrying is that the National Union of Students (representative of our brightest and best) says:

"We know there is concern about the serious issue of violent extremism on campus, but there is a wealth of evidence to show that this is not widespread.
Which percentages would make either the issue or the concern it generates "widespread" to them, I wonder?
Then they attack the messenger:
This report actually undermines cohesion and the joint efforts of students, institutions and government in tackling violent extremism."

The report should have been suppressed, then. The mind truly boggles.
Bollocks. The NUS are well-known for being a bunch of lefty self-serving t0ssers, even among us soap-dodgers. Hell, my own august institution actually did produce potential suicide bombers a few years back; luckily the police were on top of things and arrested them before they managed to do anything.

Cohesion in this context is meaningless. I would much rather that we, as a society, looked at all the evidence and had an open debate on the subject of home-grown extremism rather than sticking our heads in the sand and going "la-la-la".
Yeah what is it with the National Union of Students? I don't mind people being left-wing (actually I do) but they do it to just ram these things down our throat and claim a supposed moral highground whilst everything around them is getting****ed up.

Cohesion? They have no idea what it means.
As long as there's beer in the fridge I couldn't care less (I could really). But when the magazine's empty then it's 'Fix Bayonets!'. Fridge + No Beer = Revolution.
low-profile said:
here's actual report

page 43 has the it's ok to kill in the name of religion, comparasion moslem/non-moslem participants.

meanwhile in the middle east, as you well know... :rofl:
32% of the general muslim student population believe in killing in the name of religion, 60% of the membership of Student Islamic Societies approve of it.

No surprises there then.
I suppose there won't be any complaints from them when the Swiss Guard mobilise their stripey arrses and bomb the feck out of that bingo hall in Saudi then?

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