Another reason not to join the navy

Having always thought that a torpedo punches a neat little hole into the side of a tin can and it slowly rolls over starboard with all hands calmly embarking into the Rafts, I can quite categorically say "Fook that"

A sixty ton fast mover might not have a better chance, but like I said, "Fook that".... did I mention "Right off" as well?
another one here who's now glad the army gradually persuaded her away from the navy!!

Mind, it'd be quite good fun to be the one firing that at random sh!t...
The modern torpedo explodes underneath the ship and the force of the water rushing upwards from the explosion breaks the ship's keel, ripping the ship in half. It then sinks fast.

As opposed to your old gentlemanly torpedos which blew a hole in the side allowing water to rush in and slowly sink the ship.

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