Another re-joiner London / Essex

Just looking for a little advice / info on my prospects should I take the plunge and rejoin the TA - or even if I should!!!

Currently 39 years old and previously done 3 years as CMT attached to a Sigs unit. Living in East London working in the City.

I am reasonably fit and have run several marathons, so hopefully my stamina will not be a problem.

From my previous experieince I found that the part I liked most was the basic training and trade training courses, and especially enjoyed learning the basic army skills / drills.

I suppose what I am trying clarify here is, are there any london / essex units suitable for an old codger like me, and if so, could I still apply for combat arms or would I be considered past it by these units?
Taffitorial said:
Thanks horsetrooper, not necessarily looking to re-enter as a medic but attached to the right unit it may be a good option.

Cheers again
Hi Taffitorial,

Check your PMs, I've sent you a few details.


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