Another re-enlistment question.

Hello to all,

I am currently waiting to hear back MCM as to weather or not I'm wanted and able to re-join. I left 2nd of march 2005 total service 4 years 306 days with exemplary conduct on a discharge by right etc, I've had a trawl through the post and see that the AAC are actively recruiting and there is to be an intake in august, I'm 30 in May, fit and keen the questions are,
What do you think of my chances, I understand that there is a issue of over manning by about 180 posts.
Also when I do get back in(PMA) what sort of training do you think I will have to do?
And does any body have any idea of time frame from the decision being made by Glasgow to me receiving the letter to me reporting.

Thanks in advance

Hi Pak, just read through your post and I would imagine that even though the AAC are 180 men overborne (Find that bit hard to swallow as the AAC are always short of bods) you would be an Ideal candidate for a re-join. Quick question though, were you AAC prior to leaving? If you were then you will have probably done all the trade training expected of an AAC soldier, if not then you'll have to do the various Groundie courses first. Purely my own opinion...

Yup, most certainly was 651 AH fielding sqn at MW then 657 sqn Odiham, class one on leaving sigs and driver and picked for promotion but that may have been a keep me in thing. I fully understand that it was me who left and is now comming cap in hand, but I signed the the initial papers in November last year. I keep bothering the acio but all i get in return is "you know glasgow, it's a black hole". Apparently there's only one person who deals with the initial stages of re-enlistments and she only work three days a week :roll:. It's getting frustrating but I will keep bothering them untill they drop me off at the gates just to get rid of me :evil:.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Had a chat with MCM and SO1 Pers very recently and they are not taking anyone on for the foreseeable future. As has been said, the AAC ground side is choka. They even specified that those who have left and want to get back in can swivel. Like I've said, don't shoot the messenger. :wink:

Although AAC Policy is as fluid as a bowl of water, you never know. Things may change.
No no there'll be no messengers shot today, thanks for the heads up. Its always better to know how frustrating somethings going to be. Oh well on with waiting and calling, I am determined to get back in.

Many thanks.

Flash's statement confirmed today by way of recieving a letter from mcm stating the due to over manning they are not able to offer me a post at this time, Oh well its nice to have put a lid on it. So of I went to the AFCO and signed up for the RAF Regiment :banned: im off to Egoat now thanks and good bye. Ducks down ans awaits incomming :D

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