Another RCB Thread! : Command tasks

alright guys, got my rcb the 1st of feb and the revision is well under way.. The only thing i am concerned with is the damn command task!.... is their a specific way they should be done/approached?, how should i organise it? or should i just shout my way through it?? any tips advice would be useful....
Having finished the rcb on friday i now have the anxious wait until the post hopefully falls through the door tommorrow, i did have a thought that the envelope would turn up yesterday, but thanks to royal mails efficiency my torture is to continue.

I am now resigned to attempting to work out how i have got on by scoring exactly how i performed on each task/activity. i cunningly managed to sneak a few looks at a few marking boards and believe that everything is scored out of 7, am i right? I think everything went well apart from the planning exercise written part where i just monged and came up with a plan that was useless, luckily i was asked to explain the team idea in the discussion part so may have won a point back here or there.

Anybody know the weighting of each task i.e i done really well on both the physical tests i.e obstacle course and bleep/press ups/sit ups would this counter my poor performance in plan ex? Im guessing not... i could ramble all day and i know ill find out tommorrow but i just want this waiting game to be over doh!!!
I don't know the scoring system, and indeed I don't really know the criteria for selection; but then again, nobody does, so you're all in the same boat.

I was confident after my RCB, and passed - I had a good syndicate, but only 2 of us were selected!!!

Apollo, I hope you get the news that you are waiting for.

Cheers CH, i know and my misery will be ended tommorrow anyway, some of the guys at the board thought that you had to manage 3 outta 7 on each task to pass, apparently on a fam visit to the agc they had seen some past papers etc, i dunno it could all be rubbish and it probably is...

My group was good too, and after finishing last on the opening race we managed to pull together to win the final race - altho im not sure what bearing that would have. 2 passes outta the group dont sound too good tho ( there were 7 in my group). ah well fingers crossed for tommorrow!
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