Another rat leaves this sinking ship.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. What a fooking shame that. My heart bleeds.

    Not a bad tactic by the labour rebels thought to be fair. With one or two of them resigning/calling for a leadership contest every day they're making they must be driving brown mad.

    Good on em!!!

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  2. The steady drip drip of those who oppose him, and ultimate resignations must be doing wonders for sales at Nokia and Sony-Ericsson!

    Each one is another nail in his coffin, he is not a leader of this party as is clear by the dissent being publicly shown. While they are Navel gazing at their own political problems, nobody is doing anything about the economic wreck which is occurring around them. Not that they know how to deal with the crash, but they should be saying something to try and sooth the nerves of our Economic Engine!

    Unfortunately any money we may have had to support ourselves is now firmly sunk into Northern Rock. No more buy-outs for UK, the companies and banks will have to crash, irrespective of the impact on the economy.

    And any gold reserves we may have used to assist in the economic recovery was sold off by the "greatest economist of the late 20th century" as Harman tried to claim today.
  3. Before entering politics, David Cairns was a Catholic Priest. It's quite a damning indictment when someone who can tolerate being around alcoholic wrecks, social misfits and paedophiles doesn't want to be in your Cabinet!
  4. Are there rats daft and deluded enough to have joined this ship in the first place?


    Apologies to Kate Hoey, Frank Field, Diane Abbot and Bob Marshall-Andrews, who are not rodents, and are admired by me, despite their dubious political affinities.
  5. Margaret Beckett has warned Labour rebels to get behind Gordon Brown if they do not want the party to pay a heavy price at the next election.

    Too late for that Madge

    The former cabinet minister and deputy leader said voters would neither "understand nor forgive" them if they focused on internal rows.

    We understand alright!

    Mrs Beckett, who was deputy Labour leader from 1992- 94, and acting Labour leader after John Smith's death in 1994, said Labour MPs and activists must unite behind Mr Brown, who should lead the party into the next general election.

    I agree, why should some fall guy pay the price for Broon and Bliars mistakes

    Mr Brown was also supported by International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander, who told the BBC earlier he believed there was support for Mr Brown "across the party" and it was "unconvincing" to suggest there was significant support for another candidate.

    and I have been promised a good ministerial job

    What the prime minister is doing is concentrating on the issues that matter to the country - the situation in the economy, what is happening in the financial markets, Northern Ireland and crime

    He might be concentrating on these issues, but he's doing fook all to improve them

    And former transport minister John Spellar urged Mr Brown to take his cue from the former PM Harold Macmillan and dismiss the rebels as "a little local difficulty".

    "A little local difficulty" That's what the German parliament said about the NSDAP before it was burnt down

    He said the party could ill afford a possible £2m leadership election and said the "self indulgent antics" of a "pretty small" number of MPs should not divert Mr Brown from the business of government.

    the trouble is, the country can ill afford Mr Brown
  6. I wouldn't normally defend the catholic (or any other) church, being an ex-catholic and less religious than a lump of rock, but not all priests are nonces and booze hounds you know.