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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DeltaIRE, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Hey all,

    Sorry to post a daft question but this is really getting to me. It involves my step-father knowing that I was going to leave school a full year early at 18, instead of doing my exams when I'm 19. I've had many arguements with him and my ma' over leaving school, multiple threats and stuff have been thrown round from: "ARMY wont let you win without your exams/you will do what I say at 18/I can get a Dr. to say your not medically fit/I will ring the head of recruiting and make sure you dont get in without my consent (even though Ill be 18... ).

    So, in a bid to out me and to show that the army wont actually let me join without exams he has been onto Naming AFCO and names of recruiters, you are an idiot. Stop posting - Disco

    I'm just wondering if he will actually be able to stop me, or to persuade the army from letting me join when I turn 18 in 6 months? I want to apply to join the Parachute Regiment by the way.

  2. Your family is fucked up! I thought mine were bad, but you.....
  3. Your step-dad's right, stop being a stroppy ******* child. Stay in school, finish your exams and THEN join the army. Otherwise 22 years from now you'll be earning a living standing on barriers outside 24hr car parks protecting all your old schoolmates' flash cars.
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  4. On the other hand once you hit 18 your are legally allowed to do anything you like.

    Sign contracts, buy a house, get married, go into debt, join the forces., get drunk, in fact anything and everything that is legal to do you can do it on your own and no one can stop you.

    Of course with this freedom comes the freedom to **** it all up big style and that will also be your responsibilty so think hard before chucking it all in to run off and join the circus.
  5. I don't think a couple of gcse's will make a difference either way.
    I say, join up, I did at 16, loved it.
    Tell him it's your life and career.
  6. I joined with 9 GCSEs. I now earn a fortune. Granted that education is important, and exams are useful, but they're not the be-all and end-all.
  7. I'm with Skint on this one - Lad were I work is joining up. He could be over halfway through the process now, but instead he's waiting to get copies of his school results as he knows that will improve his chances of getting a better role within the army.

    Without trying to sound like an adult - Your Step dad has the right idea, at the end of the day he is looking for your interests. You will need a job when you get out, wether that's in 4 or 22 years and the exams you're due to sit WILL have an effect on that.

    Just stop crying, man up and fess up that you really want to join. If yuo do see it from his point of view then you might find that he'll give you more support when you do join. Because when you get to your unit, at first it can be a very lonely place before you get settled in. That's when you need the support of those at home.
  8. Which doesn't apply in this case, as the OP wants to join the Paras.
  9. Does everyone want to join the Para's?
  10. There's nothing wrong with waiting a few months to get your exam results in (?A Levels I presume?) but as Smudge said, for infantry you don't need a lot of quals. Once you're in you can always see about getting a few exams although it wont be as easy as staying in school and getting them.
  11. Certainly those that fail RAMC yes.
  12. I left with 3 low grade cse's,I did the tests, and was offered all the techie jobs etc.
    It is your test results that matter.
    I currently have a well paid job, with a great pension.
    Qualifications don't always equal jobs
  13. Your step dad is bang on the cut off age for joining is 33 nowadays so get yourself edumacted then join up. I knew a bloke from my stab days who's dad made him get a trade before signing up. He did then joined and did all the good stuff recce,sniper etc then with a bit of refresher training paid for with his resettlement he set himself up as a self employed tradesman on good wedge straight from leaving.
    Long story short its only a couple of years in school you have a lifetime to do what you want after it
  14. Always harder playing catch up, studying and working full-time.
  15. Too true, I went back to College at 28 to re-do my English Lit and then again at 29 and 31 to complete my teacher training.
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