Another quick question

Without sounding to fussy here now, but what are my options when joining the TA? And I mean options as in combat, technical, support, medical etc.
I'm 36 now and from what I have seen on the TA, my options don't look so great! I want to do my part but I dont wanna be stuck in some store room or something lol Any and all advice is alway appreciated.

What are your local units?

As MSR said look first to your local units. If however they do not offer the challenge you are after and your job and home life can take a commute you can then look further afield.

Also it would depend on what it is you want to do to as you put it..'do your bit', and on your current level of fitness and skills base. (eg fit as a butchers dog... and want to close with the enemy then Inf! Or not as fit but still fit enough to join and a lorry driver then maybe the RLC??)

The TV adverts are just bit 45 seconds sized chuncks of what is there, and the rolls that are availible are massive.

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