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Tilbake’s good deed for the day – 31/03/06

As one of those tasked with “cleaning up afterwards”; as far as I’m aware, the Apache fires the following:

High Explosive Dual Purpose M789
Lightweight Practice M788

and there's also a Drill (M848) round

Don’t think it uses DU ammo, but I’m not sure. Hopefully, a real ATO will jump on here quick and tell you if it did. I think all the DU ammo I ever encountered came from A-10s or AV-8s.

From IMAS the recognition features for DU ammo are:

a) non-magnetic;

b) extremely heavy. In relation to size DU is 60% more dense than lead;

c) jet-black lumps or dust, possibly with a greenish tinge. After three to four weeks they will turn green;

d) honeycombed. The fragment will have an aerated texture;

e) they retain heat. DU fragments will retain heat to the point where they will cause serious burns for three to four hours after firing. A red hot core may be coated with black dust and therefore appear cool; and

f) sparking. When cold, if struck with a metallic object such as a pick or shovel, they will spark in a similar fashion to a lighter.
The most obvious recognition feature is the weight; it seems a lot heavier than something that size should be.

There’s also a picture (of the inner core) on the front page of the IMAS. If it looks like that, and/or it’s heavy, and/or you’re still not sure; best bet is to stick it in a sand-filled metal box and task the nearest ATO unit.

Hope that helps.

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BiscuitsAB said:
Question. What variants of the 30mm AP round does the appache take? Or does it only use the DU round?

Reason for the question. Someones just given me a 30mm round (inert) AP, if its DU what are the real risks as opposed to the made up media risks? do I ditch it or keep it?
Biscuits Old Boy,

If it as you say an inert round then I will be willing to bet it is a gold/brassy color and extremely safe. If it has a large screw in the base then you have yourself a DummyRound. If its blue then you would have yourself a Training/Practice round which has an inert 'warhead' but has the bang stuff to send it down range (sans barrel normally). If it looks like a wasp then its HEDP and will cut you in two quite nicely as seen on the over published Apache video on the web. I pray it is the brassy coloured round which polishes up quite nicely if you're into that sort of thing.



Quick edit: I have never come across DU 30mm Apache ammo and if such a beast exists its a huge huge super secret.
And if any of the news reports lately are anything to go by it should be accompanied by a barrel!
Tilbake is quite right in the variants of Rounds fired from the Apache, however if yours is marked AP then either it's not in Land Service(for Apache) or its not from an Apache.

Where did you get it (theatre wise?)? Is it a comlete round or just the projectile? Post some pictures if you want an acurate answer, otherwise go to your nearest AT Det.

PS. Don't ditch it because some dog-walker will only find it and end up tasking a Det out anyway.
Too lazy to read the link and absrob anything, but was the picture 20mm from A-10? No scaling, poor photograph really.
was the picture 20mm from A-10, no. If you mean the one on the front of the IMAS; looks like a 30mm from an A-10 to me (simply because it does)

Phalanx fires 20mm (but I think they use Tungsten in preference to DU).

Another couple of pictures (of what a 30mm DU looks like - assuming the links work):

Didn't the AT trade used to have a school that taught this stuff?




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Spotters. Who cares? Only problem is if it has hit a target and made durnaium oxide. See TNMA for more info, as more there than TAB