Another question.

And I promise no more stupid ones after this!

The TA unit I'm looking into joining in the Autumn says:

The Regiment is currently recruiting soldiers for many different roles: Rifleman, Signaller, Driver, Chef, Clerk and many more.
If I went for driver (or any of the others, minus rifleman), would I be trained as that, eg. trained in exactly the same way as someone who was going to join a national Transport regiment, or given that I'd be joining an Infantry battalion, would I do TA infantry training and CIC, followed by additional training as a driver?

Basically, would I be a driver attatched to an Infantry company or an infantryman who happened to have driver training?

Cheers for any answers.


Could be either. You could join as a TA Infantry soldier, going through CIC etc and then undergo driver training. You would probably be employed in the motor transport platoon, of the MT section in a rifle company. You would be first and foremost an Infantry soldiers, but with driving quals.

The other option is to join with an RLC cap badge, undergo RLC basic training and then driver training, MT platoon etc. You would be first and foremost and RLC driver.

Ask the unit which route you have signed up for if you are not sure.
Cheers for that. I haven't actually signed up for anything yet, as the part of the TA I'm hoping to join is about 400 miles away from where I live now. So basically it would be my choice as to which I went for?