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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Well, I've got my selection coming up with any luck, and the only problem I have is my left knee hurts sometimes if I crouch (all the way down, all weight on knees) and clicks, what I was wondering is, do they test knees in the medical and how extensively? is it worth seeing a doctor about? I've been told its a pretty normal thing to have a knee that aches/clicks, but I'm worried it could stop me getting into the army, and as its the only career I actually want to do, this could be a problem.

    If anyone could give some advice it would be appreciated..If not no worries, I know none of you are doctors :)

    Cheers, Luke
  2. Nah, I won't be a sicky! I fully intend to be 100% commited, its the only job I've EVER wanted to do, as long as I can remember.. officer? naaah... I wanna be in the dirt with the real soldiers, even if my knee does ache a bit :p
  3. Luke , how long has it being aching and clicking , have you being doing any exercise , running etc ?

    Is it under your kneecap or at the side ?
  4. Yes, it is under the kneecap, generally on the left but sometimes on the right, lately I've been doing semi squats and a lot of jogging/running which seem to have strengthened it a bit, as long as I keep doing them, after a few it will stop clicking as much, but yeah, it does seem directly under the knee cap. What does this mean then?
  5. Sounds like runners knee but I could be wrong not life threatning but needs attention , try your gp first
  6. really? it absolutely never happens when I'm running, just when I get into a squatting position :/ well, i'll book an appointment with my GP anyway, can it be fixed?
  7. go to the AMS forum and be suprised!!
  8. Ah, I had a look for it but couldn't find it..I'm just blind I expect though..
  9. Good look on the eye test then...
  10. My uncles in the paras and he said to get into infantry it doesn't matter if you're blind, death or dumb, as it doesn't matter how many disabilities you have, you can still become good cannon fodder, I take it the paras look down on the infantry then :S

    (and what the hell is a craphat? lol)
  11. I have clicky knees and don't get any hassle from the medical side. My knees click when I squat from playing rugby I think so i wouldnt worry about it. In fact, don't even bother mentioning it at your medical. If it's really bad, see your GP and get it sorted before you go if you can. If you can't I still don't see it being a problem.

    A crap hat is a para because after years of wearing them, they still haven't learnt to wear their berets properly. And no, they don't look down on us. They just have inferiority complexes and it's their way of expressing their insecurity.
  12. The PARAS are sorry, Airborne Infantry...
  13. Airborne infantry who have done an operational jump when in recent times??? (ie not Suez)
  14. I hear there was talks of a jump in Iraq somewhere, but that never came off so apart from that, Not sure....last time probrably WWII..

    Me grandad always takes the piss because he's ex PARA, but once they hit the deck, just the same as any "normal" infantier...

    PARA or no PARA, you can still stop a bullet...