Another Question For Lynx Pilots

Anyone going to get one? They're a steal with the 45% discount.
An initiative in 1 Regt AAC has created a bespoke timepiece created specifically for Army Lynx operators that offers unique characteristics and is seen by them as a commemorative article for the generations of Lynx aircrew who operated the Mk 1, 7 and 9 aircraft. The project officer, Lt Mike Robinson, has confirmed that the watch may be purchased by AAC/AAvn veterans who were front seat Lynx aircrew. The relevant information is below. The watch is only available to Lynx front seat aircrew and that requests need to be submitted to the 1 Regt AAC Project Officer, (for Lieutenant Mike Robinson), and not to RHQ AAC. The requests from the Veteran community must include a statement of evidence to confirm eligibility as a Lynx front seater. The relevant details are below:

The Lynx Force watch design is based upon the Bremont MBII watch, originally made for Martin Baker and is the same base design as created for the American U2 Squadrons. Tested to 30G, up to 100,000 feet and -40 decrees C, the rubberised anti-shock movement is designed specifically for aviation. The watch was test extensively by the US U2 Squadrons to prove its resilience and functionality as an aviation watch. Lynx Force watch is in an exclusive imperial blue with stainless steel surround and bezel. On the face, only the numbers 1, 7 and 9 are shown, for the marks of Army Lynx that have served frontline. Additionally, a plan view of the aircraft is shown on the watch face itself. On the back, a glass panel reveals the inner-workings of the watch. As an extra bespoke touch, the vents cut into the watch movement will be in the shape of BERP blades. Each watch will be serialised with the option to add up to 8 characters of personal lettering to the case back itself. All watches come with a leather strap and the NATO nylon strap as standard. Metal bracelets are available, but at individual request and a slightly increased cost.

The standard price of the watch would be £3,195. However, as a British military customer we are entitled to a 45% discount, lowering the price to £1,760. This price is inclusive of VAT and shipping and includes the two standard straps as well as personal engraving if desired.
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I'm still telling people I was the Schools Liasion Officer for Jim'll Fix It rather than admit to flying a Lynx - why the hell would I want something to advertise the fact?
I was never able to eat enough to go Lynx.
I never served so I would be quite tempted:-D
If it was per airframe it would be a surcharge ;-)

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