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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Buttie, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Both myself and my other half are thinking of joining the army - him as an RA officer and me as QARANC soldier. It will be about 2 years before either of us joined up (3 years for me). We were also thinking of getting married in about 2 years time (just before I finish my nursing course).

    We both know the basics of how the military works and realise that we'll hardly ever get to see other and understand the strains it will have on our relationship.

    I've read quite a few posts on here today know that people have different views on the matter of getting married - but I wondered if anyone could give me advice? Will a relationship across regiments work? Will the officer/soldier thing be an issue? Does anyone have experience of where will live (within the UK) i.e. near him? near me?

    Lots of questions, but I've got to make sure I've covered every angle before I sign my life away!!!

  2. RA and QARANC! youd be very lucky to get a posting anywhere near each other.
  3. You'd find it easier moving about as a civvi nurse - I've never known anyone who's trained as a nurse/midwife not get work when moving to a new place.

  4. i am a QA and Mr B!tch is RM. He is on the other side of the country to me and we see each other every weekend. It is hard and you really have to have trust in the relationship (they will go out with the lads a lot!!). I am not going to lie to you, it is hard going and i have put my notice in to leave so i can be with him more. The're always nursing jobs around so you can move with him. One thing i will say though is when you do see each other its all worth it!!!!!
  5. I'm not an expert having never been in the ruperts mess except when carrying a tray or serving morning coffee but i seem to remember RA messes being quite elitest and not allowing serving mess members partners in who are not commisioned.

    I may be wrong but thats the way i remember it!
  6. Im RAMC and Mrs Fox is a QA, weve never served at the same unit and we often find ourselves on back to back tours)
  7. Do the sensible thing and stay a civvy. You will get work as a trained nurse wherever he is posted without trouble and you wont have to deal with the other officers wives looking down their noses at you.

    Better yet, dont get married until he has joined. He WILL change at and after Sandhurst and you may not like what he becomes. If he is not an elitist snob now, the RA will make him into one, assuming he gets in anyway.
  8. Why is your partner applying for a commission and not you?

  9. if she has another 2 years unil she has finished her nurse training (which means shes only just started it) then she would have to wait at least 2 more years on top of that to be able to enter as a QA Officer (if she passes AOSB that is) unless she a applies for a bursary, then she could come in as a 2Lt on qualificaton.
  10. Thanks, FF. I don't live in the world of medicine (well, I do but only as a long serving customer.. :lol:)

    Timing in this case is the critical factor!

  11. J_D

    J_D LE

    Hey lass, have a skeg over at RP, see if any of the ladies there can help with advice?
  12. Thanks for your replies - I knew we wouldn't see other - and now you've confirmed it!!

    We've come to the agreement that I won't join if he does, but if he doesn't then I will (if you get what I mean?!)

    Are RA officers really snobby? He met some in Hohne this year and he enjoyed the mess there! God, I hope I'm not with a snob!!!
  13. He has to go with whomsoever he feels comfortable. If they are Gunners, so be it. I've only occasionally felt comfortable with a Gunner, but I'm different..... :lol:

  14. As I remember Gunner officers are not the worst snobs.On the whole they are generally quite thick but enjoy their sporting pursuits. 8)

  15. Enough!!! Gunner officers are neither "snobby" (whatever that is) nor thick (barring a few exceptions). It seems to me that the posts above which knock the RA have been written by those on the outside looking in? Or am I wrong? Let your prospective hubby join the Royal Regiment - he will have a great time.