Another postal vote fiasco - forces disenfranchised again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, May 3, 2007.

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  1. The Herald - Complaints after postal ballot delays leave some unable to vote

    one comment on that page:

    I would normally recommend service personnel who are unable to vote in person, due to being away on duty, to consider voting by proxy rather than by post, if at all possible.

    Proxy voting (confiding your vote to someone else and trusting them to carry out your instructions) is not, however, an option for everybody. It is an utter disgrace that some returning officers, who are paid handsomely for that task on top of their normal salaries as council chief executives, have clearly given not a thought to the needs of voters who are away from the constituency because they are serving the country.

    Did anyone see a recent news clip showing FRENCH troops voting in the first round of their country's presidential election - in LEBANON?

    D.Y. (BAFF)
  2. It's just a trial run. They'll be rolling it out to the rest of the electorate in the next 5 years, mark my words.
  3. I agree entirely with these sentiments. There is no reason why troops on active service should not be able to vote in location. What a sorry tale that those who are paying the highest price for defending democracy for a country which prides itself on being the cradle of democracy that that government could not care about the voting needs of those who defend it
  4. I am furious to find that I have been disenfranchised again. I have checked with my ERO who have confirmed that they were sent out first class several days ago.

    In the last local elections my postal ballot papers were delivered at 1130 on the day of the election - too late for me to vote.

    Today, my papers have not arrived at all. I am in Northern Ireland, and cannot think of any good reason why the BFPO service is so consistently poor.
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Absolutely shocking! But I have to hand it to at least one returning officer - I received notification from them on 1 May that my postal vote would be arriving soon, and that if I had not received it by 27 Apr I should notify them. I duly did that and a duplicate postal vote was received bright and early yesterday morning.

  6. I fear that if i was to say that Liabour dont realy care if ballots are little more than a diversion from the master plan 8O i should realy think about getting off down to ASDA for some tinfoil.

    Its truely appaling in this day and age that this happens :x
  7. Trip to The High Court should give those responsible something to think about....
  8. What did you expect? It's NOT as if the Govt or ruling party were COUNTING on your votes!
  9. Two years ago it was almost beyond belief (but well-documented by our campaign) that postal votes for the General Election failed to reach BFPO addresses in time, even in Northern Ireland.

    MOD assured us - and the Electoral Commission - that the lessons had been learned.

    Could anyone who did not receive their postal ballot form in time - especially those at BFPO addresses - please say so here and mention the constituency and your current BFPO or general location if possible.

    I appreciate there is not going to be a huge number affected: many others will not have even tried to vote by post.

    Please also tell us if you DID receive your postal vote at a BFPO address in time to use it.

    Alternatively please email

    If your postal voting papers have not arrived, you can still vote today if you can get to the polling station. Contact the returning officer's staff at the Council for advice.

    Electoral Commission Vote Scotland helpline: 0800 0141 012

    D.Y. (BAFF)
  10. This years postal vote problem is not just affecting BFPO addresses, many in Scotland itself did not recieve their forms in time. The fundamental problem appears to be that the date for nominations is too close to the polling day so the forms are not printed in time to get in the post in time.

  11. The Herald article made that clear, but see also ViroBono's post about the non-delivery of postal ballot papers to BFPO address in N Ireland. Some returning officers in Scotland have been talking as if ballots may arrive in time despite the delay, clearly without a thought for service personnel or, indeed, registered overseas voters and others who are not in the constituency on the day.
  12. One disturbing fact about the system of absentee ballots here in the United States is that unless there are enough of them to actually impact an election, they are never even opened or counted. That's what made the vote in Florida a couple presidential cycles ago so interesting... for the first time in decade, the deployed military vote via absentee ballot actually affected the result.

    Of course... back then we viewed GW as the lesser of two evils in comparison with Al Gore.
  13. Funny how the government can ensure that Iraqi's living in the UK can get their vote counted but have little regard for UK citizens, most of all those serving the said same shagging government!!