Another police suicide the 3rd in 4 days...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by af1033, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Is there a connection between these 3 suicides ?
  2. Removed. Not the NAAFI!
  3. Michael Todd's death isn't obviously suicide. It's reasonable to conclude that Richard Fuller's was, not that obvious in this case either.

    Michael Todd headed an 18-month inquiry into whether CIA "torture" flights had landed at British airports according to the Telegraph. (you can find it)
  4. I agree, Michael Todd's death is suspicious, yet it's reported as cut /dried suicide by the BBC already.

    I'm not about the accuse the Lizard People, but I believe there's more that meets the eye to 2 of these deaths.
  5. But the new Chief Constable of GMP is unlikely to be called Cliff, right?
  6. Well its either clear out time at the Lodge for the masons or MI5 (or 6) have been busy :)

    Trust no one big brother is watching and waiting!


    P.S It could just be a mass protest at the police pay rise this year! Makes more of a statement that marching through London - shame other protesters do not follow their example!
  7. Was their pay settlement really that bad? Seem to be taking it very hard.
  8. Black helicopters were seen flying away from all three scenes.
    An anonymous source from an unknown US Govt agency refused to comment
    The PM said he knew nothing about it
    North wales police put up some extra speed cameras and proposed to ban bikers from national parks in response to the "senseless loss of life"
  9. Any of them tried to investigate the goings on in Jersey :?
  10. This is current affairs not the Naafi bar.

    (never thought I'd see myself type that....)
  11. <rustling of tinfoil and steady drip of wet towel>

    Things are becoming clearer :)
  12. They may have all been to Deepcut at one point or another!?
  13. I knew it!

    The Voices have just confirmed that the deaths were orchestrated by the Duke of Edinburgh.

    You heard it here first.
  14. Does this mean there are some job vacancies then?