Another police/handwringer/human rights screw-up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dread, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Mass rapist walks away

    Just reading the BBC news website to get my daily amount of bile foaming before a meeting and came across the story of a man accused of:

    Instead of being kept in nick awaiting trial he was sent to a bail hostel. My immediate thought was that it was MDN and he had run away to Thailand. Second thought was why way this rather dangerous person allowed bail?

    If he commits further offences while on the run will any Home Office minion carry the can? Somehow I doubt it.

    If he had been accused of one count of rape, then I could understand there might be reasons to allow him bail. But 16? Someone should be shot for this (but we all know that there are no consequences for civil servants - just gold plated jobs with platinum coated pensions).

    Any rozzers/civil service bods care to comment on how common this is and how easy it would be for this rapists lawyer to convince a judge that his client is really a very decent chap and shouldn't spend the next few months in jail?

    The true face of MDN?[​IMG]
  2. There was one a Documentary about Officers working in a Sex Offender Unit who actualy got quite suicidal over the decisions by the courts.

    It is sadly all to common for Bail to be issued. I was involved in an Incident were we had Race Riots (Not Offical though due to Riot Damages Act), I locked up one guy for Assault and Violent Disorder, despite that and his previous the stupid twat on the bench gave him bail not to enter the town centre, following weekend he went back to the Town Centre, locked up for Breech and went back to court, given teh same conditions and breached it a seco9nd time before he was remanded.

    When he actualy got to Crown Court, he was convicted but released because of teh amount of time on Remand, as celebration him and his girlfriend went out and got drunk and beat a locla drug and stamped on his head so badly he is now a vegtable. I would be surprised if you can find any copper anywere in the Country who has faith in teh COurts.

    In cases like this it is the Police who get the blame when they have no control over who gets bail.
  3. Please tell me it was a local drug dealer so that I can pretend that every cloud has a silver lining!
  4. And what, may I ask, is wrong with Gruinard Island? (And Razor Tape Concertina plus a generous seeding with AP because although we are assured it is safe best not to take any chances)
  5. I feel that a spot of 9mm therapy is 100% effective in preventing re-offending by nonces, cheap, effective and good for morale!!
  6. If they are to be given bail, does it actually state anywhere in the letter of the law where they have to stay?

    Just a thought, perhaps her Majesty might like to send them on a holiday while they await a court date. Helmand perhaps, I am sure we can think of many more nice places to send them.
  7. Did you miss last night's Panorama? Convicted paedophile child murderer on parole in a bail hostel after decades in prison. He was filmed hanging out with children and photographing them. Nothing was done as his behaviour was assessed as 'low risk'.

    It's a lot cheaper to keep somebody in the community rather than in jail. In bail hostels I think they even have to pay rent. Our dear leaders seem to feel that a few kids with sore backsides is a price worth paying to save all of that lovely money.

    In any case, there are hardly any cells left in the prisons. Those that are available are reserved for homophobes, islamophobes and other assorted thought criminals.
  8. I hope I don't have to share with "Big Nosher" when I'm eventually rounded up by the Neue Arbeitpartie thought Police!!

    Oi BLAIR!!! Some of us will NEVER love Big Brother!
  9. Ah, you fail to realise these are not called Probation and Bail Hostels any more. Far too judgemental and likely to upset the local residents who might be alarmed at the prospect of murders, nonces, rapists and drug addicts abroad in their midst. they are now called "Approved Premises"

    And they are mostly full of early released prisoners to ease pressure on the jail system. They are managed by the Probation Service.

    Or by Voluntary Organisations. You know the rest
  10. The drunk was some poor old bloke who used to sleep rough and was never a problem in the town.
  11. And to cap it off, "Dr" John Reid has just announced that he wants to see increased involvement by the private and voluntary sectors in the Probation Service. So, a choice between volunteers with the commitment probles we can expect, or private companies, who have such a fantastic record in water supply, the NHS, defence infrastructure, etc., ad nauseam. No chance of adequate security falling by the wayside when it eats into all that povely profit, is there?

    I like the Gruiniard idea, just so long as we freshen up the anthrax beforehand. Maybe give them one reconditioned S6 between 5 and let nature take it's course - it'd certainly make great reality TV!
  12. Lets face it when it comes to criminals this country is soft. The daughter of one of my closest friends was raped last december by a family member she was 5 at the time. The scumbag got 5 years which bacause of his age (16) means he is eligible for parole after 18 months. You get more time for theft than for raping a 5 yr old girl or indeed for rape full stop where is the sense it that?
  13. Malteser.

    So a hero with a soft target then. Disregard previous Post.