Another Police C**kup

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Gwent Police have just said they E Mailed over a 1000 CRB applications to an, as yet un-named journalist, so much for Data protection
  2. Oooops!

    PS: My (excellent) son in law is with the Gwent Police (I prefer Monmouthshire Constabulary).

    Will it be wise to email my daughter? Will I be sneaked about to the fat oaf Brown or even worse, his boss, Mr. Mandelson?
  3. Before I write anything else were these meant to be sent there, was it malicious or was the keyboard operator a semi-trained simian monkey who pressed several wrong buttons?
  4. How exactly do you achieve this sort of feat of ineptitude? I hope there will be a sacking or two in the offing regards this.
  5. Just as relevant, what were they trying to email the journalist in the first place?
  6. They just uped the figure to 10.000 and say it was a clerical error
  7. My bold:

    It takes years of sheer unremitting sweat and tears to achieve such standards. No one should underestimate the immense dedication of these people, they are master craftsmen.
  8. No fukkin sh1t, Sherlock!

    As for sackings forget it but I am sure "lessons will be learned".
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  10. OldSnowy

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    Hmm, and someone today told me I was being paranoid about opting-out of the NHS database!

  11. ...................and a line will be "drawn under it" as they need to "move on"

  12. Remember folks, you're just being paranoid about ID cards… 8O
  13. Could someone tell me why this database was on a computer linked to the worldwideweb? And not encrypted or somehow protected?

    And would YOU really trust this cowboy outfit to ensure that your data really is safe? And how does one ensure data is destroyed on the internet? The journo might say he's destroyed it, but it could still be on a hard drive or server somewhere.

    Still, the motto of the police force involved is "protecting and reassuring" :police:
  14. If it's anything like my force, they hire semi illiterate, slack jawed, work experience biffs at HQ......

    They're sometime referred to as the "Senior Management Team"
  15. Are they saying that it was a clerical error that the initial report was 1,000 corrected to 10,000 or sending it was the error.